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Luna the Purrloin

As Luna panted, she remembered.
"Hey! I want you to meet somebody!" she exclaimed and looked away from Seraph and looked for her friend, Leo the Dewott, but she couldn't find him. "He must have left. I'll- whoa!" Luna turned back to Seraph to see he disappeared. "Where did he go?" asked Luna to herself as she wandered around the dojo, looking for Seraph.
"I guess he had something to do." said Luna as she left the dojo and looked around the town. "I'm back to square one." she mumbled, walking around. She heard noises and cries and looked at that direction, she saw a Lucario and a Breloom in front of a Rhyperior and Rhyhorn.
"Whoa. There as so many pokemon here that are strong and others like me, who didn't evolve yet, but still can go!" said Luna as she watched and then walked right by the fight. She didn't looking at the fighting pokemon, and sat on a nearby rock. "I'll rest for a bit and then continue to explore." she said as she yawned and let her head hang.
"What to do, what to do." she repeated as she though about what to do.
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