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    Tobias, the Dastardly Gengar / Gold Town

    In which a Ghost-type recounts his adventures filled with treasure and lore

    Sack 'o Stuff
    Seed of DOOM x 1
    Gengar Energy Food x 7
    Gabite Scale, Slightly Worn x 1
    Tobias' Special Stone x 1
    Punchline Shades x 1
    Fashionable Scarf for Ear x 1

    Ah, evening. Such a peaceful, relaxing time of the day. Tobias sat beside the beautiful, crystalline lake as he took a moment to dip his ghostly feet in the refreshing waters, watching the waves lap gently against the edge of the bank. The late-day sun dropped the temperature to a comfortable degree, the simple warmth sinking beneath his malevolent ghost-skin. A few scattered Pokemon here and there dotted to opposite edge, chattering amongst themselves happily.

    It was kinda weird for a Gengar to enjoy the sun, since most dwelled in the shadows and rarely enjoyed the daylight - but Tobias was a little different. He really enjoyed all times of the day - to the blistering heat of noon to chilling depths of early morning. Few people took time from their lives to appreciate something so splendid. The sun was the most taken-for-granted object in anybody's life. It was depressing, somewhat.

    Tobias pulled his Sack 'o Stuff out from his body, laying it on the ground. It was an aging, ragged thing. It had been in his possession for as far back as he could remember - it almost went back to his living life, even. It was the color of a withered leaf, the top tied together with a worn-out string with two hardened Cheri berries keeping the string from coming untied. It has seen better days, but was practical and useful all-around. And within? The some memorable exploits of his days as an exploration team.

    He untied the string and let the bag fall open, spilling out some of the contents. The tiny roll of ✧240 that was being held together in a Pecha-skin wrap rolled out, a coin falling out of the top. He picked it back up and slipped it back in with the rest of the coins, setting it on the flat side to keep it from falling over. He dug inside the bag a bit more and roduced his special stone.

    The dark stone glistened in contrast of the sun that shone on it. It was a deep, liquid black, and its edges were beautifully sharp, although the stone itself was a hexahedron and somewhat round. He smiled as he felt the energy within it tingling his fingertips as he held it, the pleasure of its presence coursing into his imagined veins - oh, the stories this stone could tell.


    It was beautiful; it was the most beautiful thing his eyes had ever beheld. There, lying amongst the rubble of the crumbled pillars and the broken ceiling, was a gorgeous black stone. How he had noticed it was beyond him, but the allure that it cast was too much to ignore. It was lying almost perfectly in a bed of pebbles, as if it was made to comfort the stone to its heart's desire. The energy emitted from this thing was unbearably sweet and succulent, like the taste of a ripe Oran Berry. Tobias had never experienced something like this in his entire life. What was this mysterious stone? To whom did it belong? And why had they left such a valuable stone in such a desolate place?

    "Tobias! We don't have time for this! Just grab that stupid stone if you want it so bad and let's get this treasure out of here."

    Tobias shook his head, the waves of energy from the stone fleeing from his body. He had an exploration to complete - this was no time to dawdle, especially in such a dangerous place. He floated over and quickly snatched the stone, dropping it into his Sack 'o Stuff, and then floating over to help Maria with the bulky chest filled with riches.

    The stone hummed quietly inside the safe confines of Tobias' body.

    Ah, the days of his youth. Upon finding the stone, Tobias had merely been a Haunter. During that time, everything was new and exciting, and there was adventure around every single corner; now, in his growing age as a Gengar, most places had been explored, the treasure secured, and the interest diminished. Although he was a retired explorer, discovering what this tomb had to offer was the last bit of excitement he might get to experience before he moves on.

    He slipped the stone back inside the bag, his hand brushing against the Gabite Scale inside. He gingerly grabbed it with two fingers and slid it out, holding it in front of his face. It was a beautiful dark-blue, with a white tip at the end of it. It was slightly worn, both from the battle it experienced before it was given to him, and from how it was carried it around in his bag for so long.

    It was the last memory of his belated partner, Maria.

    Was... was this the end? Is this how it was all supposed to end?

    Tobias felt his energy draining from his body and his hands, his afterlifeforce slipping away. Laughter sounded from afar and drew closer as Honchkrow and Cacturne flew and walked towards his fallen body. Through his blurry vision, Tobias made out the shape of the Sharpedo in the water nearby. The Honchkrow circled overhead, giggling maniacally at Tobias. "Hee hee~ He's down, Boss~ What should we do with this sack of wind now? We don't want him stinking up our beach, after all~"

    "I say we throw him in the ocean and let him sink, chuahuah!" The Cacturne poked him in the head with its spindly arm, laughing as Tobias flinched from the pain seering throughout his entire body. "Not like he can do anything about it. We hit him hard, that's fo' sure!"

    The Sharpedo made her way over to where the pair was towering over the fallen ghost, examining him closely as she neared. "We no longer have any use for him - we have taken the Gem, and he is defeated. Dispose of him elsewhere. I do not wish to have anyone discovering evidence of our presence."

    The two laughed, and Tobias felt himself being lifted from the sandy beach. "As you desire, Boss~" The Honchkrow chuckled as it tightly gripped Tobias in its talons while the Cacturne lifted him with its spiky arms. "No one will ever find him, that's for sure!"

    "Get your filthy hands off my partner!"

    Were it not for Maria's bravery and sacrifice, Tobias would bet that he wouldn't be alive to see this day. This scale was given to him around the time they met; Maria said that it was for dire emergencies only, and that it was the only one he got. He never found the need to use it, as his abilities rarely left him in such an emergency, but he held onto it to keep the memory of her alive. The medicinal properties in it were claimed to be able to heal anyone of anything. These were rarities, as Gabite often do not shed scales. It was a rarity indeed, and it would be one he would treasure until the day he passed.

    After reminiscing in the memory of his partner for a few more minutes, Tobias returned the contents of his bag to where it belonged and tied it back up before slipping it back into his body. He turned and faced the sinking sun, watching it fall towards the horizon at a Slugma's pace.

    That tomb shall be explored in your honor, Maria. I swear on it.