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    For one, thank you for all the warm welcomes ^.^ You know, even though I started off with an extreme rant.

    @TwilightBlade The comics are amazing (I'll probably be referancing them a lot), and you should really go read about Shard. XD He's the first Metal Sonic ever built (like the one from Sonic CD), and he's now reformed to the good side x3. Now he's in a group called 'The Secret Freedom Fighters'.....

    I'll stop now before I start fangirling even more.


    What would happen if Eggman DID succeed in his crazy plan at the end of the game, and defeated Sonic?

    I have been waiting For a game with that concept. I really, really, really want the heroes to loose for once. Like, for once, Sonic has to retreat and watch what happens when he fails.
    (I'd like to direct you all to Archie Sonic comics #175, 176, and 177)

    I also love the concept of Sonic himself turning to be the villian and his friends have to stop Sonic himself. (Which is why I like Dark Super Sonic and Fleetway Super Sonic). They were going the right way for that with the werehog.. but they fell short and made Sonic retain his personality (I have this whole theory about dark, light, and neutral chaos energy). I think they could have done so much more with that.