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    Originally Posted by Pikachuie View Post
    You got some nice cards, I'm trying to grown my cards but I have no money at the time.
    This is why I don't have any cards. I don't have the money nor the space to keep them. Even if I did have the money they would just stay in a corner forever and ever.

    I do have an online collection on PTCGO. It's a lot harder to get cards since you have to keep logging in and playing matches for coins and then you only get five cards per pack but I've gotten some ok stuff!
    I just got this pack for beating one of the NPC's a certain amount of times. There's a holo Swadloon but I'm more hyped about the Zubat and Scraggy lol. Scraggy because this one isn't as risky as the one I had before that had Slack Off (?)/Lunge so it's damage was purely based on coin toss. And Zubat because I thought I had a Golbat but I don't... Oh well, more fodder for my Dark/Psychic deck.
    I was really happy with this opening since most of the cards were stuff I needed. I had a Makuhita before but not this one, plus Hariyama came in the same pack. Also in this pack were a Team Plasma Bisharp who I can use in my Psychic/Dark deck and Onix, who lands himself a spot in my Fighting/Steel deck.
    This pack had a holo Simisear but online holos aren't as fun as rl holos... But still cool.
    This pack was courtesy of Dark Leader Adam's code giveaway and it gave me that Druddigon, Aggron, Team Plasma Glailie and a holo Cradily.

    And that's it for me for now.

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