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Youkai Academy - ???

Gender: Female
Age: 17
Specie: Wrathersian Lycan

Appearence: As a Wrathersian Lycan, Luna has the traditional emerald eyes and often can be found wearing Kimono-like clothes. After arriving in the Youkai realm she decided to wear some other clothes to make her seem less threatening. Now she wears an school girl uniform and doesn't seem to know that it is one. Luna has bangs that cover her left eye because it's bearing an awful scar, causing her to be half-blind unless she actually opens the other eye which she never does and haven't done so in 7 years. Luna is a slim girl with an avarage 17-years old girl's height.

Luna also has long black hair that she tied up in lowered pigtails after arriving in the Youkai Realm, making her seem calm and mannered. Her Lycan form doesn't differ much from her humanoid disguise. She has black fur and it's obvious that she's a woman when she is in her Lycan form because she is less muscular than men Lycan's.

Personality: Luna is a very calm girl and very straightforward like most Wrathersian Lycan's. She doesn't know the emotions shame and embarrass so if she likes you, she'll say it without hesitation to be found weird. Luna is also very nice and forgives easily unless you did something that is really unforgivable. She gives very good advices but doesn't follow them herself. Since she was born by roaming Lycans, she doesn't have a last name. Those were only for settled Lycan's and worthless for the roaming ones.

Luna does, however, have a very fiery side when it comes to hunting or fighting. She can go from calm to very fiery in just a fraction of a second. Hunting comes natural to her because she has done so since she was born. Luna doesn't have any sibling's and often wonders how it would be like to have one.

History: Luna was born by two roaming Lycan's who's wish was to have a son but got a daughter instead. Nonetheless they were happy with their blessing and teached her everything she should know to become a good hunter. They were a happy family even when her mother couldn't get any more childeren. The parents were happy with their own and only daughter, however, one day this happy family got ripped apart when Luna's mother got into a fight with a Wrathersian Vampire and died. The father swore to find this Vampire and kill him but got himself killed in return.

Luna was only 8 years old when her nightmare came true and was upset about her loss. She decided she would kill this Vampire herself and started training. 2 years later Luna found this certain Vampire but wasn't able to kill him. He told her that his problems were with her parents and not with her. Luna wouldn't listen and attacked him nonetheless. The Vampire took out a dagger and tried to protect himself, cutting open her left eye and leaving almost immediately when the Wrathersian Lycan girl was distracted by the pain in her eye.

Luna never got fully over the loss of her parents but was always had been curious what kind of problems this Vampire had with them. She was determined to find out about it but got sucked into a wormgat and found herself in a different dimension. Whoever caused this will get scolded.

  • Luna only uses her right eye so is half-blind. She can't see attacks coming from her left corner.
  • Her powers of making weapons appear in front of her is still minimal. Meaning that she can only make 1 or 2 weapons appear at once.
  • Additionally, Lycans from Wrathersa are often energetic and powerful during a full moon, and weak during a new moon, with that balance shifting slowly as the phases pass from one to another.

  • Wrathersian Lycans speak an ancient and broken language similar to Japanese, but different enough that those who can speak Japanese could only catch a few fragments of what the Lycans say.
  • They also heal more quickly in moonlight, and can be partially sustained by the moonlight, sort of like how plants photosynthesize in sunlight.
Code: Wrathersian Melon

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