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    Lillian || Moves: 1. Hi Jump Kick 2. Drain Punch 3. Force Palm 4. Aura Sphere

    "Hiya! I'm Heat Wave. You're on my team, right?" a voice made her look up from were she was sitting. In front of her was a Kirlia smiling at her.

    "yes" she said uncertainly standing up from her seat position. Looking at Heat Wave made Lillian wonder if she'd be the only fully evolved Pokemon on her team. I hope not, that'd put a lot of pressure on me she thought. "I'm...Lillian" she said awkwardly looking around before her gaze settled on Heat Wave again.

    "i'm sorry...I'm not that great interacting with others" she added after a minute she began looking around again. Wondering were the others on Team 3 were.