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In every Pokémon game caves have been something of a common sight. We've fumbled through the dark corridors trying to find our way out or find our way to something unique and special.

While I was playing Blue, I realized, like Mt. Moon, I was breezing through Dark Tunnel. I had come to the conclusion that I was just overly familiar with the cave. On the other hand I also thought it just might be easy.

It made me think though. I played SoulSilver recently and found traversing Whirl Islands and Victory Road to be incredibly complex and it seemed the more modern games Caves were certainly harder.

What changed? To those who played Blue and Red the first time, to our young minds, was Mt. Moon and the Dark Tunnel difficult? Has it been really been very simple from the beginning?

Because the tunnels and caves for future generation seem increasingly difficult, even for remakes.

How do you feel about the Cave alterations between Gen 1 to Gen 5 and how do you feel about Caves in general?
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