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    Originally Posted by Destiny Demon View Post
    Lol at how I joined this forum when I was 11.

    /14 years young

    I honestly don't know the point (it's a POKEMON forum) but oh well.
    This being a Pokemon site is a perfect reason for us to enforce it. Its a target site for adults with more questionable desires. They have internet prowlers that join sites like these just to entice the younger members. It may not be as common as the media usually blows it up to be, but it does exist.

    The reason we are doing this is to protect members as well as the site as a whole. If we were not following the law, the site would be shut down if anything were ever questioned. Then what? You'd lose your community because the law wasn't enforced. They'd then move to all sites similar and shut them down as well.

    Would you really like to lose the site or have your friends who are underage help us keep the site by following proper procedures. Its not that taxing to fill out the form, though the parents may or may not want to do it if they are also unfamiliar with COPPA law.

    It seems like an unfair safety net, but really its one of those everyday choices where you have to make a sacrifice to keep yourself or others happy. I would definitely be upset if I lost a site I frequented, made a large number of friends on that site, and found out it was permanently closed down because someone didn't want to play by the rules and force a punishment on everyone else.

    Then think about those who sunk money into here. You just wasted all of that money attaining a certain level of donorship and lost it because the rules weren't followed and some random child made you lose your investment. I know growing up I had friends that did this on purpose. I mean trolls exist to cause these kinds of troubles.