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For people with some learning disabilities, like aspergers which makes social interaction with people difficult, the internet has indeed allowed them (me included) to communicate with people easier.

And for any people who are living a long way from family or old friends, it offers a cheaper alternative to long-distance phone calls and written letters (seriously, I don't know how much it costs to send a letter, but phonecalls to other countries are really expensive).

But some people are addicted to the internet. Those people talk to their friends online even if they're right next to them or only a few houses away.

Plus, in some places you can choose to be anonymous. This can be good or bad. Good because you can get to know someone's personality without revealing too much about yourself at once. Bad because of the potential for anonymous bullying.

Also, viruses.
What would I like to see in the future? A few things, actually.
1) A trio of ROM hacks [gen1, gen2, gen3] that, aside from the generation, are pretty much identical: You start in Kanto and post-elite four you travel through Johto as it would have been "3 years ago".
2) A demake of Heart Gold / Soul Silver. Possibly using Fire Red as a base.
3) An official Pokémon game, following the standard "gotta catch 'em all" format, but aimed more at the older players.
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