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Gothax Nakamura aka The Cold Slasher

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Element: Dark
Personality: Gothax is a cheerful guy to be around. He has everything that should be needed in a friend. He cares a lot for others and would never let anything happen to them. He always tries to bring a laughter or a smile on the faces of people. He is a sweet boy who is always optimistic and never gives up on what he is doing. At certain times, he can let his playful side comes out and tease or flirt any woman he can find. He is an easy-going guy and likes to talk a lot. He however knows when to shut up and when to be a listener instead. He cares deeply for the people who earns his trust. He doesn't like to share his past with others however and does not tell much about his origins to anyone. On the battlefield, he can be considered as an heartless bastard which earned him the name of The Cold Slasher.
Hometown: Cravold, Kale.
Once a peaceful town but destroyed by Diaz's forces.
History: Before the war, Gothax was your ordinary kid. He grew up with his brother in the small and peaceful town of Cravold. Everyone knew everyone there. Gothax really liked his brother, he wanted to be like him. His childhood was peaceful, quiet with no hassles of any sorts. That was until Diaz and his civil war got in the picture. They choose his village as battlefield without any regards to the townspeople. His dad used to be an honorary warrior and he, along with some other townspeople and his older brother, tried to hold off Diaz's forces while the children and the women escaped the town. But however, their plan backfired and his dad died. Some children were able to escape but Gothax's family didn't make it. They all died. But just before his dad passed away, Gothax inherited of his blade, the mighty Kuronagi. His last words were : "Never let them break you." He swore to respect his dad's last words no matter what.
Afterwards, fate led him towards a rebellion group. He was to do some fighting and at some times, some stealing. He learning how to deal with the tough life all by himself. By being a cold fighter, his friends awarded him the nickname of "The Cold Slasher". But, after managing some successful little attacks, his group was arrested and conducted to the Galvez Prison where he didn't know what awaited for him.
Kuronagi, a weapon made with one of the strongest crafting material on Earth. This weapon is very good for slicing enemies. The slightest push could injure someone.
Magic: Dark Slash : Casts a dark aura on his sword with some of his mana and slashes it at his opponent. Creates a wave that can cut.
Hand of Darkness : Covers his hand with Dark mana to allow for stronger hits.
RP Sample: N/A
Other: N/A
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