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Angelique Everett

"Thank you, Mr. Wu. Here are your dumplings!"

It was Mr. Wu's favorite past-time: eating dumplings. Not even the little, itty-bitty tiny ones with almost no flavor. Oh no, Mr. Wu went for the ultimate prize: the unnecessarily large and delicious dumplings made by the salesman outside of his apartment building. They were soft, and doughy, and filled with some delicious melted cheese. Each one was big enough to feed a family of four... well, not really. But they were large, and Mr. Wu would enjoy every single moment as he delved into this delicious meal. He slowly began to take a bite -


The dumpling flew from Mr. Wu's hand before he could begin to indulge himself as a playing card, a six of spades, struck it in the side and sent it plummeting towards the ground. Before he could reach out to try and save his doom-destined snack, a streak of highlighted hair darted by, snatching the dumpling from mid-air. When the thief turned it was none other than the notorious -

"Angelique Everret!"

"Hi Mr. Wu!" Angelique chimed, tossing the dumpling up and down in her hand. "It's great to see you again. I see your bald spot got bigger since last month. Did you ever think about getting that looked at?"

"You give me that dumpling back right now!" Mr. Wu demanded, his hand clenched into a fist. "You know how mad I get when you steal my food!"

"Yeah, I know." She laughed, wrapping the dumpling in some food-wrapping paper before depositing it in her bag. From the same bag, she produced a gold coin, which she threw to Mr. Wu. He caught it in his hand, contemplating whether or not he should accept it or use a cannon to shoot it back at her head. "That's the fun part about it, duh. It's not like I steal, I just take and pay. Isn't that how economy works?"

"Are you really gonna let her get away with this?" Mr. Wu shouted to the shopkeeper, who merely shrugged. After all, she did give him money for it. "Ooh, watch your step Angelique. I'll get you one of these days."

"I anticipate it." She laughed before turning heel and taking off down the street. "Get a hat, baldie!"

Angelique was on top of the world - what a great day! She had food, she had a pro-bending match to watch later tonight with Julienne, and she was meeting up with her in a few minutes so they could kill three hours before they actually had to go. Nothing could make this better - except, of course, Angelique's usual game of, "Let's Do Gymnastics in Republic City's Streets."

A slide here, and a jump there, and a cartwheel between two people who protested loudly as she rolled away; Angelique was nimble and pliable, like a cat. She weaved between people, she ducked, she jumped, she did whatever she could to get past everyone without making contact. Everyone complained as she did some sort of trick to get around them, shouting that she was extremely annoying and in their way, but she didn't mind. She was used to it. She'd done this so many times before that it was almost a second nature.

Eventually, her acrobatics brought her to the front of the Meisō Place restaurant, Julienne's favorite place to eat. Angelique didn't care too much for it, honestly, which is why she took Mr. Wu's dumpling along with her. She walked inside, being careful to not let her combat boots disturb the peaceful quietness that resonated around the restaurant. Meisō Place was made for those who needed a relaxing environment to think while also getting something nutritious to munch on while they did. Meisō was Japanese (she thinks) for meditation. She had come in before and had gotten in trouble because she was too loud, so in here she learned to keep it down a notch.

She slid into the booth she found Julienne sitting at. "Hey girl, sorry I'm late. Seems like today everyone's really busy, so getting through the mass was a bit tougher than usual." She whispered.

Julienne nodded, her face full of noodles. Julienne was almost an opposite of Angelique, excluding her figure - brown hair, blue eyes, wore colorful clothes, could hardly bend her knee without pulling something; but yet, they both made their odd friendship work somehow. Guess you could say that opposites do truly attract. Julienne downed the noodles she was inhaling into her mouth and replied, "Yeah, I hear ya. Everyone's probably excited about the finals tonight. I heard there's gonna be a humongous crowd there, and all the seats sold out yesterday."

"No joke. If my mom didn't work at that place, we'd have to hang from the rafters." She silently chuckled. "They're front row, too! We'll get to see everything close up. How awesome is that?"

"Pretty awesome, not gonna lie." Julienne rested her arms on the table. "Wish we could've gotten our hands on some of those VIP passes so we could meet the teams and stuff. I know you really wanna talk to the Firebender on the Force of Nature team about how he got into pro-bending."

"Yeah." Angelique sighed. "I wish they would just let me sign up. Just because my firebending isn't the best isn't any reason to not let me in. I'm still good!"

"Well, it probably didn't help that you tried to explain to them how your cards worked and how you planned to use them in the matches." Julienne argued, pushing her bangs behind her ear. "No one else in that stuff uses weapons, you know. Even if your's... well, suck."

"Hey!" Angelique exclaimed softly. "My cards do not suck. They're very good weapons. You only think they suck because you don't know how to use them. Look." She pulled the dumpling out of her bag, unwrapping it and showing it to Julienne. "They got me this little puppy today. These things are the best, lemme tell you."

"Yeah yeah, I know what they are." Julienne rolled her eyes. "You always bring them whenever I want to eat here. Why don't you just try the food here? You'd like it."

"I have tried the food here, and it made me obnoxiously sick. No discredit to the chefs, but I can't stand the taste of anything they have here except for their tea." Angelique grabbed a pair of chopsticks from the table and jabbed them directly into the dumpling - she still had no clue how to use them. She pulled them out, bringing along some cheesy-doughy deliciousness. She popped it into her mouth, enjoying the pleasurable taste.

"You're so close-minded sometimes." Julienne quirked before sipping from her water. "Anyway, we've got a lot of time to kill before the match actually starts. What are we gonna do to pass through these next three hours? I wouldn't want to sit here and just talk the whole time."

"Well, there's a lot to do in Republic City. If you were able to do a stretch without causing collateral damage to yourself we could probably do some yoga. How about... we go people watching near Central Station? We always see some really interesting people when we're there."

Julienne tossed the thought back and forth for a few minutes. "That sounds good, I guess. There's a lot of people coming in from out-of-town to see the finals. It'll be good to spot some new faces. Let's get to it then."

After a few more bites of her dumpling, Angelique wrapped it back up and put it back in her bag before the two set off down the block towards Central Station, which was bustling with people flowing in from every direction, all going about their own business.

The iconic Central Station is a must-visit spot for anyone new to Republic City. Whether you stay for a day or stay for a month, a stop at this place is a must. From the awe-inspiring statue of Fire Lord Zuko to the creative and quirky layout of the whole place, you'll find yourself a new person once you leave.

... Pfft. Yeah right.

Angelique stretched her arms high as she and Julienne stood near the entrance, the crowd of people flowing around them like an active river. "Man, I love this place. It's just so invigorating. Where should we sit?"

Julienne looked around, eventually spotting a lone bench close to the entrance and to where they were standing. "Over there looks good. We can catch everyone coming in and should be able to see everyone going out." Angelique nodded in agreement as the two strided their way towards the bench, bumping around people that moved perpendicular to them before sitting down and trying to get comfortable. Julienne looked over for a second at the person on the bench next to them before turning back to Angelique and whispering, "Oh, my, god. Just look at the gorgeous dress that girl is wearing. I want it."

Angelique leaned forward, looking past her friend to spot the girl who wore the dress she desired. Although the dress was indeed very flashy and pretty, Angelique didn't care too much for it. It was long, and very bright - the exact opposite of what Angelique wants in a dress. "Eh, it's alright. Way too colorful though."

Julienne scoffed at her critique. "Too colorful? That's the point of dresses. You're the only person in the world who doesn't like color. You act like it'll burn your skin if you wear it." She looked back at the girl in the dress for a moment before looking back to Angelique. "I should go ask her where she bought that dress, so I can get it too. It's so beautiful. I need it."

Angelique grabbed Julienne's arm as she tried to stand up, pulling her back down to the bench. "No. You know that's against the rules of people watching. Never talk to the people you see. That's just weird, okay? Besides, a dress like that looks entirely too expensive to be store-bought. It's absolutely custom made, no doubt in my mind about it. We don't need to bother her."

"Angelique, you're not my mother." Julienne yanked her arm back. "You might not know this, but girls love getting compliments on their clothes. It's just a female thing, which I'm shocked you don't know about. Quit being such a tomboy and let me ask her where she got her dress."

Angelique smacked herself on her forehead. "Julienne, you don't even know her. And what if she thinks you're weird for asking that? Besides, why are you trying to rip off other people's styles? You should be like me. Do you see anyone else wearing my outfit, anywhere?"

"No, because it's a weird outfit that most people have enough common sense to not wear." Julienne countered.

"Alright, listen here-" "No, you listen! I-" "- any idea how hard it is to work this look -" "- acting like any social interaction will nullify your existence -" "- what people think and I know that you shouldn't talk to her -" "- there's nothing wrong with asking for fashion advice -" "- it's not normal and most people are creeped out by it -" "- not like I'm some freaky guy flirting! -" "- safer not to talk to people you don't know! What if she's a serial killer in disguise? -" "- how many times has that actually happened? Crime rates are much lower than they were last year -" "- you already have, like, fifty dresses anyway! You probably have that one sitting in the back of your closet -" "- said it was custom made! -"

And so, arguing ensued. Angelique and Julienne began to bicker and squabble right in the middle of Central Station. They were very vocal and loud, so it drew the attention of some passerby. They continued to argue for quite a while over... something unspecified.
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