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Davian Krotesse

"Why?" A young silver-eyed Metal Bender mumbled to himself as he wandered aimlessly through republic city. Why did I come back? There's nothing for me here anymore...I mean my parents deserved to know I was all right but why am I STILL here? This and more the foolhardy boy pondered bitterly during his sojourn to wherever. After a good, smash your head into the wall frustrating bit later he decided since no great epiphany on where his life should move next was forthcoming he may as well find a way to pass the time until he DID know what he wanted. The wonderfully prophetic answer came in the form of: a promotional poster, for pro-bending, not just because bending was practically the only thing that entertained him anymore but also because he recognized one of the boys in the poster. So he's still around? Well practically everyone from that camp ended up a prodigy of some sort...accept for me running off like some wannabe thug. My money's on him...and I've got nothing better to do.

With a definite goal in mind and something to look forward to that might actually be fun Davian was filled with a sense of purpose and began to march toward the arena determinedly! That is, for the 30 seconds it took him to remember the match would be later that evening, not just immediately after he so happened to look at the poster, which once again left him with nothing to do. The mentally hyperactive and outwardly lazy reprobate once again meandered mindlessly through the city hoping for something to occupy his time, ignoring the honking of impatient Sato-mobile drivers when he got in their way and moved all too slow. Of course, as important characters in stories are prone to, when he found what he wanted it still wasn't really what he wanted. Davian's determined legs had brought him straight to a restaurant in spite of his unfocused mind.

He entered the heavenly eatery and his stomach quickly made it clear exactly why he ended up there, he needed...some
"GET IN MAH BELLY!" Davian said to the bagel slathered in delicious, wonderful, perfectly spread cream cheese just before ripping a large chunk of it away with his teeth. He looked so happy and serene while he chewed that nobody who had met him since he returned would believe it was really him. He stood up and placed a gold coin on the dining table next to the many plates that had once ferried bagels to their untimely demise. He was confident the coin would be plenty, it was pure 24 karat gold that had been mined, refined, and minted at a place known only to a few outside of its residents as the Veleri settlement. The coins were quickly gaining popularity but were hard to come by for the most part, if there was one thing Davian was confident he knew well, it was currency, the Veleri coin should be more than enough. On that thought he stopped by the back of the restaurant where the owner was to ask him a favor. "I'm sorry I don't have anything smaller than what I paid with, but please take the extra out of the cash profit and share it with your baker, chef, whatever and the nice woman who served me, the food and service were both excellent, I didn't know there were any places in Republic City that served bagels, it's been far too long since i had any." He gave the man know chance to ask what he had paid with before making his way back outside.

Davian still had no idea what to do with the rest of his time but he was in a pretty good mood and was much more optimistic about his search for entertainment, so much so he actually payed attention to where he was going! (Thank goodness, those poor drivers are safe again) He ended up making his way to the City's Central Station, he always loved to look at Zuko's statue, he had a lot of respect for a man who against all those odds could not only redeem himself, but help save the world and redeem his entire country! He also found it a great place to watch the sunset. He plopped down on a bench, completely oblivious to the fact that it was already occupied and he had sat next to someone without so much as a word and leaned back to look at the sky for a bit. But of course, what with plots and whatnot Davian hadn't sat down for very long before he heard a commotion. Two rather pretty (In their own ways) girls were arguing vehemently in complete ignorance (or Apathy) of all the passers-by turned onlooker that were watching them avidly. Their arguing was passionate and sounded genuinely angry, but just WHAT they were arguing about made it clear they cared about each other to a point at least.

He leaned back once again for another peak at the sky and sighed before thinking out loud more loudly than one would expect. "Friends fighting is all well and good, but if they keep that up they'll miss the sunset, and that would be just a shame."

Friends for Infinity
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