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    Angelique Everett & Ryan Cutlass

    "Excuse me."

    Angelique and Julienne, who were locked into their argument until a stranger vocally expressed her presence, looked up at the girl who was technically the point of their disagreements as she had spoken to them. "I couldn’t help but overhear your argument. I’m sorry for causing you both so much trouble." She then bowed, to which Angelique did the standard fist-in-palm bow in return. Julienne had no clue what that was, so she just looked at both of them in confusion.

    "Yeah, sorry about, well, that one." Angelique motioned to Julienne, who glared back. "She thought your dress was really pretty and wanted to ask you where you got it, but I didn't want her to disturb you. You seemed like you were in some kind of intense thought process or something."

    "Anyway!" Julienne interjected, pushing Angelique over so she could be face-to-face with this mystery girl. "Where on earth did you buy that dress? It's just so beautiful, I can't bare not having it."

    "I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to buy this dress." Julienne's eager smile dropped as the stranger dropped the bad news. "I made this one myself. Sewing is one of my hobbies. If you want, I can make you one, though. I would love to try making clothes for someone else!"

    "Oh my gosh, you made that?" Julienne stood up, hastily inspecting the girl's dress from various angles. "Girl, you have got some serious talent. You gotta show me how to do that. If you honestly would like to make one for me, I'd love one exactly like this. It's so beautiful and oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my g -"

    "Julienne!" Angelique snatched Julienne away from her inspection, sitting her back on the bench, before turning to the stranger. "I'm sorry, she's just so... hyper sometimes. But your dress is very pretty. It's neat how you made that yourself."

    "Thank you." The stranger replied. "I love your outfit, though, especially the highlights! It’s all very different from what you usually see and I think it’s a great expression of yourself!"

    "Oh, you do?" Angelique was somewhat flattered. This girl was pretty nice. Most people gave her weird looks for her outfit, which flew in the face of common Republic City fashion, and yet here this girl was, complimenting her. She even liked her highlights! "Well, thank you. Normally people question my outfit, like Ms. Naysay over there." She replied, referring to Julienne.

    "That's because it's weird..." Julienne mumbled; Angelique wasn't able to hear it.

    The girl then shook her head before she continued to compliment Angelique's fashion sense. "Oh, where are my manners! I’m Ling Xiao, nice to meet you both. I’m probably bothering you two, so I’ll go back over there. It was nice talking to you both, though."

    "You were no trouble, Ling." Angelique replied cheerily. "I'm Angelique Everret, and she-who-speaks-ill-of-me over there is Julienne Murphy. It was so nice to meet you too."

    Ling nodded respectfully before she went back over to the bench she was sitting on, which now housed a somewhat attractive (in Angelique's opinion) guy on it, who appeared to be a metalbender. Despite that, Angelique turned back to Julienne. "See what you did? We disturbed a very wonderful girl from her day just because you had to be so annoying."

    Julienne rolled her eyes. "You act like I cut her arm off. Are you gonna act like this for the rest of the day? Because I might not go with you to the finals if you keep this us."

    "Oh shut up, I could push you off the docks and you'd still go with me." Angelique grabbed her bag from the bench and slung it around her shoulders. "Look, obviously we need to cool down. I'm gonna go take a walk. I'd recommend you stay here, before I get angry enough to slap you."

    Before Julienne could respond with, "Try me", Angelique was already storming off the way she came in, leaving Julienne alone by herself. She quickly began to make her way back the way she came from.

    Oh man, these things are still as good as they were last year. Gotta learn how to cook 'em.

    Ryan thought as he walked down the busy main street leading to the Central Station. He had used the money from the bet to buy a dozen fish-stuffed rolls, and had already finished half of them (and without giving any to Falco, that is). The hungry animal glared at its owner, who was holding the small plastic bag filled with the food. In a hungry attempt to snatch one, it dove inside.

    "Oi! Ya grey-feathered piece of-"

    He shoved his hand inside the bag, grabbing the animal by its head to block its sight. Big mistake. Instinctively the Water Falcon bit his finger, causing Ryan to drop the bag and all the food inside it. Letting go of the Falcon, he quickly bent over to pick them up. The bird flew around for a few seconds, regaining its senses, and dove for the food in Ryan's hand.

    "Oh no you don't, boy." he muttered.

    He quickly stood up, and threw the food away from the Falcon, in an attempt to keep it away from the rest. It just so happened that it was thrown right in the direction of a rather unhappy Firebender that had been passing by in that moment.

    "Ew! What in the world are these things?!"

    His plan had worked, since now Falco was eagerly flying around the stranger he hit, ignoring the rest of the food, but - Oh boy.

    Bonus points.

    He dropped the bag he was holding again, and ran straight towards the girl he had thrown the rolls at. He picked up one that was lying on the ground, and whistled. The Falcon immediately turned its attention to the bigger meal it was being given, and got off from the girl that had been loudly swatting at the pest for a few minutes before he came over.

    "Is that your stupid bird?" She griped, ready to get cross with this random freak that had hit her with the terribly-smelling rolls. "Keep that rat with wings on a leash, wouldya!"

    Ryan smiled for an instant, then stopped himself from laughing. "Well, Water Falcons are pretty hard to tame, you know. They're quite, er, reckless, if you ask me.

    "Well, I didn't ask." She responded rudely, crossing her arms. "If I had caught that thing before you called it off, I probably would've finished it myself. So get that thing under control before someone else does."

    "Oh, I don't think anyone else would have the guts to do that. You must be pretty tough to face such a dangerous beast like my Falcon." he glared at the bird that was sitting on a windowsill, who comprehensively gave an angry snarl at the girl.

    "Dangerous? That thing? Spare me, he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag." Who was this guy? She hadn't seen a lot of people with birds around Republic City, and those who had them didn't let them roam around free like this guy. He must be new here. "He's skinnier than my arm; I doubt he could do much to anything. Don't you ever feed that thing?"

    "Oh believe me, that bird can handle itself. It's a water Falcon, just in case you might not know - even though I find that hard to believe. They can dive incredibly deep under the ocean, resist really strong water pressures, blend it with most terrain -"

    "Blah blah blah, shut up." She was getting really sick of listening to this kid babble. "I don't care what your bird can do, honestly. Get it under control. Of the few bird owners in Republic City, you should at least know how to make it listen. It's pretty sad that you can't even do that. Now, goodbye." With that, she attempted to continue in her storming off.

    "Whoa, whoa whoa, miss, you can't just leave like this after we've talked for so long!" Ryan said, quickly jumping in front of his departing "mistress", blocking Angelique's way (they had only talked for the past 20 seconds).

    Angelique halted herself as Bird Freak jumped in front of her. "Um, we only talked for like 20 seconds, and I yelled at you the entire time. I think that's some good grounds for leaving. Now get out of my way, or I'll remove you out of my way."

    Angelique had dealt with idiots like this guy before - the ones who think they can persuade her into some kind of instantaneous relationship just because they had a pretty face. And every time, they left with some kind of injury. She was definitely angry enough to consider hurting this one even more than the last few.

    "Okay, okay, look. We've started out on the wrong foot here. Let me introduce myself. I'm Ryan, and this royal beast that cruelly attacked you - and I'm sorry for that - is Falco. May I ask if your name is as charming as your appearance?"

    Ew. Why do I always get the freaks? "My names Angelique, freak, and my fist here is called the Deathbringer. Because if you don't get out of my way, I might just consider bringing your death here, right now. Now move."

    "May I suggest a better name? I'd rather call it the "Knuckle Sandwich". Really suits that charming yet intimidating attitude of yours."

    "No. Now move or I'm going to knock you out right here, in front of everyone. Do you really want to embarass yourself by getting beat up by a girl? Because I'm capable of doing so."

    "See what I mean? And if you wish, I can get knocked out as much as you want, if it means making you happy. We might consider getting this done somewhere else, maybe?"

    Absolutely repulsed by the nerve of this freak, Angelique responded by sending a very friendly right hook right across Ryan's face. "Get away from me, now. I'm not kidding around, I will fight you and I will win."

    Ryan rubbed the side of his cheek. Well, she's a nice catch. "Well, if you need my business card, I don't have it on me right now, but the name is Ryan Cutlass - at your service." He took a small courteous bow. "If you would like that card, I would happily give it to you at my place."

    "Okay, that's it." Angelique took her fighting stance. She wasn't letting this freak get away with this. As he bowed to her, she took the chance to deliver a flaming spin-kick to the side of his head. "I warned you."

    Just as Angelique delivered the kick, Ryan's entire torso became shrouded in mist, snuffing out the fire and blocking the kick. He quickly bounced away from the firebender, and called back his Falcon with a whistle. He smiled. "Is it just me, or is it getting steaming hot here?"

    Angelique growled as she drew three cards from her pocket, lighting them on fire along with her hand. She flung them towards Ryan, following behind them with a firey punch ready to meet his stupid head.

    "Oh, a game of cards? Well that's nice!" He unscrewed the cap of his bottle, and quickly created a small shield of water to slow down the cards, enough so he could dodge them. But Angelique herself was not hindered by the flimsy shield; she instead dropped into a slide, allowing her to slide right into the weaker side of the sphere. The slide quickly turned into a double rising kick that she sent right to his jaw... or intended to. She had waited too long, and accidentally struck Ryan... well, in a place a guy shouldn't be struck.

    Holy cripes, this girl is not joking. Ryan had barely avoided the hit by jumping to the side as Angelique attempted to deliver a kick to his - er - delicate part. I like the ones with that attitude.

    Angelique landed back on her feet, in her fighting stance again. "Are you just gonna stand there and let me knock your lights out, or are you actually gonna fight like you have some kind of dignity?"

    Ryan was mildly surprised by that last sentence. "Alright, so what kind of guy hits a lady?"

    "Usually ones that don't want to admit that a girl beat them up." She then launched into a barrage of firey punches, each of them aiming either for Ryan's head or his stomach.

    Quite a fiery temper, that one. Well, better cool her down. Ryan thought as he smiled and splashed what remained of his bottle onto the floor. Immediately it turned to ice, creating a slippery ice rink underneath their feet. Angelique, who was locked into her punching barrage, couldn't quite keep her balance on the newly-formed ice, which caused her to slip and fall.

    "Whoa there!" Just as Angelique slipped, Ryan caught her by the back, his other arm raised
    in the air, in a quite dramatic dance-pose. "You shouldn't fight on grounds you're not comfortable on, my lady!"

    "I'm not your lady, freak!" She snatched her arm back, and then delivered a sharp elbow to the bridge of Ryan's nose. She then kicked him off of her, standing firmly on the ground outside of the frozen rink. "Why don't you hold still so I can finish this quickly? All your moving around is really annoying. Almost as annoying as you."

    The blow sent Ryan staggering back a few steps, but he didn't slip. "You're quite fun to spend time with, you know. I bet you have loads of friends - though I doubt any are as charming as you -" he courteously bowed again, looked up at her and smiled."My lady."

    "For the last time, I'm not your lady!" She yelled. A lot of passerby had stopped to watch the fight, mildly impressed with both of the fighters' skills. Angelique formed a medium-sized fireball in her hand and fired it at Ryan. "Stop calling me that!"

    Ack, just found one weakness in her. Ryan tought as he drew out his cutlass and deflected the fireball towards a nearby wall. "You know, I'm not always that kind of "safety first" guy, but you could've hit someone with that. And that's slightly more lethal than a fish roll." he said, sheathing the weapon.

    Angelique inhaled a deep breath. It's been a while since I've had to use this... She exhaled forcefully, breathing out a large blast of fire that slowly melted the ice that was on the ground, and evaporating it somewhat. The blast, however, wasn't large enough to reach Ryan, ending two feet in front of him. Still, the ice melted, and that was all that mattered to her. "I know it's lethal. I was hoping it'd knock your head off."

    Ryan laughed. "I guess your parents didn't teach a gal like you to not play with fire, eh? Because that really wasn't smart. Although your charming looks can overcome that IQ deficiency, I'm sure." he said, and punched towards the rising steam. It immediately divided into 4 bubbles, each one wrapping itself around one of Angelique's hands and feet.

    "Now that we've 'broken the ice', can we stop this childish -"

    "Shut up. You forgot that there's air inside bubbles, genius." Angelique's hands and feet shot out a stream of fire, bursting the bubbles. She then ran right towards Ryan, delivering a strong uppercut to his chin and kicking the backs of his legs to bring him down to his knees. She then finished with a well-placed roundhouse kick to the back of his head, sending him crashing to the ground in defeat.

    Angelique breathed a sigh of relief. "That should shut you up. Hopefully for good."

    Briefly lying on the ground, Ryan coughed as dust entered his mouth. Realizing what had happened, he quickly stood back up.

    Good thing I don't permanently live here. Long-distance relationships still work.

    Angelique laughed at the mess Ryan was in, with his nose bleeding and his hair completely ruined. She even managed to rip part of his shroud - or whatever it was called. "Wow, you're still in one piece. Guess you can consider yourself lucky. Now, move along before I decided to finish you - again." With that, she turned back around in the way she had came, ready to go back to Julienne again. Beating someone up really calms you down. What she hadn't noticed was, in the midst of her fight, the falcon. She barely noticed the faint smile Ryan had as she walked off, and the grey feather which was sticking out of her bag.

    What a freak... Angelique thought as she began her walk to return back to Central Station.


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