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    Seth found his way to a random roof top, and laid with his back on the rough shingles. The Snag Machine provided him little protecton from the hard surface, but he didn't pay much attention to it reguardless. He somewhat pondered, what Loryn was doing since he left her at the colosseum, he was sure she'd find accomidations for the night, though. Meh, we'll battle tomorrow. Yuki's words found their way into the front of Seth's mind, and surprisingly a spark of anxiety filled the rest of him. The battle he had planned would be out of the tournament, and more than likly away from too many prying eyes, which made Seth want the next morning to arrive all the more quickly.

    A silent dark figure watched Seth from a different roof for sometime, but then swiftly darted away to places unknown to Seth. Whoever it was, he presumed Seth hadn't noticed, he did, but didn't presue it in the slightest. His mind was obviously else where. It was getting rather dark, but the daylight still shown through the town, casting ominous shadows throughout the streets.

    Seth then took out the Pokeball which held Charmeleon and looked at it, he didn't however release said Pokemon quite yet, returning it to his chest. He woundered why he gave up and took it so easy on Maya. Quickly comming to the conclusion that motivation just wasn't there. His battle with Yuki would be different, though. No holding back.
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