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    James had brown hair, blue eyes, with a pair of glasses with black, rectangular frames. He wears a lime and red striped t-shirt and denim jeans. Max looked up and saw orange, signalling dawn.

    "So, where are you heading?" Max asked James.

    "Oh, Pyrite! I'm going to compete in the tournament!" James replied inthusiasticaly as they started to walk.

    "Um, I hate to burst your bubble James, but that tournament's semi-finals start today, so I'm afraid you may have missed it this time around." Max said, trying to be sensitive to the fact as they continued to walk. "Anyway, where are you from?" Max asked, trying to change the subject.

    "Oh, anyway I'm from the Kalos region, how about you meet one of my Pokemon?" James said, regaining his enthusiastic voice as he took one of his Pokeballs off of his belt. Max responded with a nod. "Ok, Bubbles! C'mon out!" The boy said, throwing a Pokeball in the air, releasing a Froakie.

    "Froak!" Bubbles chimed. The four figures continued in silence after talking about Bubbles for a while. This brought the thought of the abandoned Pokemon back into Max's mind, sill sitting in his backpack as the four reached the top of the hill.

    "Where's that?" James said staring at the sillhouette of the city he saw, gawping in awe.

    "That's Pyrite" Max said, even he was dumbfounded at the sight. "Though its not that glorious in the town." Max pointed out truthfully. They continued to walk in silence until they reached the town. "Ok, we should probably head to the Pokemon Center." Max pointed out as he was responded to by James with a nod. When they reached the Pokemon Center, they both handed all of their Pokemon to the nurse to be healed, afterwards Max deposited Torterra in the PC. "Ok, let's rest here for a while" Max said

    "Good idea" James answered, taking a seat, Max did the same.

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