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    Well I finally started with this challenge :3 I opened up LightPlatinum rom and since you can pick charmander, squirtle or bulbasaur as a starter I picked charmander (I'd pick squirtle but as far as my experiences go in this game only slugma and charizard can learn lava surf ) Named charmander Drake. Anyways I went to Central city and helped professor by saving him from that nasty feebas that attacks him lol - I didn't catch feebas. Anyways I got some pokeballs and went back to catch some pokemon - I got wurmple that evolved into cascoon and was put on the pc because I had 2 other poison types already. I captured pidove and named it Bird and I went to safari zone to get 4 pokemon (one in each zone) - got drillbur- named him EarthKing, got nidoran male and named him Rin, got snorunt and named him Spookie and got croagunk and named him Toxy (Yes I suck at giving nicknames lol) - anyways I went to professor again so I could get my pokedex and when I got pokedex he offered me either chikorita, either cyndaquil either totodile - so I picked cyndaquil just because I love typhlosion and I know that there are not many fire types available in this game - so in case that Drake dies I have a back up - didn't nickname cyndaquil though because you cannot nickname pokemon that were gifted to you ._. Anyways I went on and rescued the pichu but I didn't catch it because I captured shinx on that same route few minutes ago - I nicknamed that shinx Lukio. I went through the forest and meanwhile I evolved both cyndaquil and quilava. I finished my first Team Steam event and I made combees leave the city they were blocking. Got my third starter - treecko and I didn't have a chance to nickname it - again Than I took on the first gym and won with ease - using just charmeleon and quilava. During this I lost two pokemon: Bird (Pidove) and Rin (Nidoran M) - But I have few backups in my pc just in case (Cascoon and Croagunk - and I ll soon catch some more pokemon)

    Current team:

    Quilava lvl 26, Ability:Blaze

    Quick attack

    Spookie, lvl 15, Ability: Inner Focus

    Powder Snow
    Double Team

    EarthKing, lvl 6, Ability: Sand Stream

    Mud Slap
    Rapid Spin
    Mud Sport

    Lukio, lvl 13, Ability: Intimidate


    Drake, lvl 19, Ability: Blaze

    Smoke Screen

    Grovyle, lvl 17, Ability: Overgrow

    Quick Attack

    I don't care about EV's or IV's - I play for fun not competitive.
    I don't own consoles - I play on emulators on my computer.

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