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    Pokemon White Update 2:

    -I did a bit of grinding, but Chili ended up being easy.
    -I caught a few new Pokemon; I got Swoodily the Woobat, Dumpling the Munna, and Amelia the Pidove.
    -Muffin was killed by a critical hit from a Woobat (NUUU)
    -Swoodily got killed by a critical hit from a wild Tympole! Seriously, that's 3 critical hit deaths already!
    -I caught said Tympole in the area around Pinwheel Forest and named him Wollywog (I'm counting this area and the real Pinwheel Forest as seperate).

    Current Team:


    Tom (Purrloin)
    Level: 11
    Abillity: Unburden
    Nature: Brave

    Rain (Panpour)
    Level: 15
    Abillity: Gluttony
    Nature: Brave
    -Water Gun

    Dumpling (Munna)
    Level: 11
    Ability: Synchronize
    Nature: Docile
    -Defense Curl
    -Lucky Chant

    Amelia (Pidove)
    Level: 9
    Ability: Big Pecks
    Nature: Docile

    Wollywog (Tympole)
    Level: 15
    Ability: Hydration



    Miss Smug (Snivy)

    Muffin (Lillipup)

    Swoodily (Woobat)
    Ermahgerd! I evolved!
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