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    Looks like it's Day 1 of my Pokemon journey.

    I'm playing Pokemon Black, and my current team is as follows:

    Oshawott (Lv. 14) - Male
    Lillipup (Lv. 14) - Male
    Patrat (Lv. 4) - Male
    Pansear (Lv. 10) - Female

    I've also just beaten Cilan, with a bit of difficulty. That Pansage's Cheer Up + Vine Whip combo did a number on my Oshawott, but thankfully the berry it was holding, plus a Focus Energy + Tail Whip + Tackle combo also did quite a lot of damage to it - softening it up for my Lillipup's Bite, which finished the pesky monkey off. This is the first time I've ever used Lillipup in a game, and believe me, he is very good. I've never really played much with Tepig or Snivy - not only is Oshawott just simply a much better choice than either of those two, there is also a dearth of good Water-types in Unova.

    In contrast, there are plenty of good Fire and Grass-types. For Fire, you've got Darumaka and Pansear. When it comes to Grass-types, you've got Petilil, Deerling and Ferroseed. As for Water-types, the only ones I remember off the top of my head are Carracosta (don't know much about him), Jellicent (whose Sp. Atk isn't all that high) and Basculin (who sucks). Too bad Keldeo can't be obtained in the game by legal means, otherwise Oshawott wouldn't have been such a necessity. Not that I don't like Oshawott, it's just that he's the go-to starter in all cases.

    Decent attack and speed, combined with a really nifty ability in Pickup, that helps me gain free items from time to time. I've gotten a Great Ball, a Full Heal (or two), a regular Potion (IIRC), an Escape Rope, a Repel and a Super Potion from him so far. So far none of my Pokemon have ever been knocked out in a fight, which is pretty good. I'm intending to keep this unbeaten streak going.