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    Looks awesome

    Name: Rebecca

    Gender: Female

    Number: 10


    Rebecca stands at 5'5 and weighs around 115lbs. She is very fit having an athletic body type and a heart shaped face. Rebecca's skin is lightly tanned and clear of any blemishes or marks. Though two things about her stand out the most. The first being her eyes. A bright ice blue that make her eyes look like they are glowing. The second thing that stands out on her is her hair. Long and flowing her hair goes down almost to the ground, stopping a little past her knees. It is also naturally bubblegum pink in color.

    Clothing wise Rebecca chose something simple. A white shirt covered in stars the sleeves of the shirt not covering her shoulders. She wears a p[air of camouflaged shorts with it and a pair of brown boots. She also always has a gray hat on her head. She also wears a small amount of makeup. A little eyeliner and blush as well as light pink lip gloss to make her lips shine.

    Personality: Rebecca is a very quiet girl. In fact so quiet she only ever talks verbally if she loses her temper. She tends to keep to herself not liking being around others. Most would describe her as a loner. Which is true. Most of the time she prefers to be alone, not around others. This doesn't stop her from having a deep feeling of loneliness inside her. She just can't bring herself to do anything about it. In fact whenever she interacts with others she speaks with her telepathy, to shy and unsure to use her voice. Unless someone makes her mad that is.

    Rebecca has what can only be described as a bad temper. A temper that when triggered most of the time causes a loud, rash, and aggressive reaction from her. When someone makes her angry she tends to lose what sense she has and can not make good decisions. She's been known to get into fights if someone makes her angry enough.

    Oddly enough there are two thing no one has been able to guess about Rebecca. The first is that she is a true romantic at heart. She has dreams of finding the right person for her. To find her Ashikabi. Her hopes are that by finding love she will finally feel whole. Feel complete and have the part of her she thinks is missing back. The second thing being that she has an almost fearful curiosity of the outside world. From what she has seen and heard there are many things she wants to find out. But there are also things she is scared of. One of those things being cars, the other large dogs.

    Once she finds her Ashikabi her personality will change slightly. Her temper when only flare when her Ashikabi is threatened be it verbal abuse or physical. No longer will words towards herself make her angry. The loneliness inside her will slowly fade away but in the beginning she will still have her doubts. She already is determined that once she finds her Ashikabi she will actually use her voice.

    Starting Location: North

    Destiny: Up to Fate

    Abilities: telekinesis- Her ability with her telekinesis is strong due to her mental strength and natural psychic abilities. Though this is limited. She can only lift objects up to 300 pounds and if she puts to much strain on herself she has the tenancy to develop severe headaches.

    telepathy- with her telepathy Rebecca can only do two things with it. Use it to talk and read others minds. The only problem is until she meets her match she can't turn her telepathy off.

    Norito: By the light of our love I will fight this darkness

    Greater Techniques: (Your most powerful attacks/techniques, which can only be used after reciting your Norito and kissing your Ashikabi. Single number Sekrei can have one greater technique before they are winged.)

    RP Sample: Rebecca sighed to herself as she stood on the roof of a building overlooking the rest of the northern part of Tokyo City. It really was beautiful the way the sky turned a mix of purple and orange as the sun set behind the taller buildings. The lights of the city were just starting to turn on adding to the glowing effect of the sunset. She winced slightly as the sounds of cars honking at one another broke the silence. Cars are so loud she thought thinking of one of the few things she had seen on tv that scared her.

    "as much as I don't want to be around an area full of cars...I'm feeling a pull here" she whispered to herself brushing a strand of her hair out of her eyes. Turning her back to the sunset she leaned against the railing her thoughts racing. I wonder who he is...if he'll like me she thought walking away from the railing and back to the door that lead to the stairs. I also hope I find him soon she continued her train of thought as she went through the door and moved quickly down the stairs. Minutes later she was walking out of the building onto the sidewalk as the last of the sun set. She noticed people were looking at her, some in groups looked at her and then whispered among themselves. Sudden;y though her mind was filled with the thoughts of everyone around her and she winced again. She had been told that once she found her Ashikabi then she could turn off her mind reading, but until then she was stuck hearing every thought around her. Sighing again Rebecca pushed her way through the crowd a headache forming as she moved quickly trying to get away from people.

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