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When it comes to anime, I would have to say the birds are better. They have wings, so they're able to fly anywhere without any sort of limitations. :) Plus, thanks to their wings, they would be able to fly and dodge any attacks that opponents throw at them quite easily. Out of the three birds, my favorite would have to be Zapdos. I love the way how its feathers are all spiky, haha. In-game though, the dogs are better. Unlike the legendary birds, these dogs have a single typing, which helps to keep their weaknesses at a minimum. My favorite legendary dog is Suicune. I'm a huge fan of its beauty and elegance. It's got extremely high defenses, which I'm also a big fan of. With its defensive stats, it would be able to endure any moves that the opponent executes on it—even the most highly powerful ones such as Hyper Beam, Frenzy Plant, Explosion, Solarbeam, Zap Cannon, and Draco Meteor.