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    [Staring through the eyes of death]

    Heart aching and pounding
    She stepped forth
    In the silence which once held screaming
    She found herself dying

    And you stood there

    Quivering hands covered in blood
    She reached out
    She tried to find words
    But her voice was already gone

    And you stood there

    To cause such pain was a pleasure
    Your smile and gleaming eyes
    It was apparent you did this
    And even more that you hadn't cried

    You just stood there

    Strength failing
    Life fading
    And blood draining
    She lay down to die


    [I watched]

    I watched her heart break
    As he said those words to her
    I watched her smile fade
    As he said he wasn't going to try anymore
    I watched her tears fall
    As he slowly turned and walked away
    I watched her hurt herself
    As he lived his life
    I watched her life change
    After she saw his grave

    Suicide will solve nothing
    But somehow she had to try
    So no more are these two people
    No more will they make each other cry

    I love her as my sister
    But now I am an only child
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