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    of course I'll start on it right away

    Name: Aquamarine
    Nickname: Aqua
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Race: Zora

    Strength: 5 (+0)
    Resistance: 4 (+0)
    Dexterity: 8 (+0)
    Speed: 4 (+3)
    Knowledge: 4 (+0)

    Personal Skill(s): Skilled swimmer. and fast at hand to hand combat
    Personal Fault(s): She tends to overwork herself not knowing her boundaries.

    Skill: Aquamarine is a skilled cook, able to cook a delicious meal out of almost anything she can scavenge
    Fighting Style: Aquamarine fights using hand to hand combat. She prefers not to use weapons but knows if she has to she will get a hold of one.


    Aquamarine is very tall and slender for her age. Standing at 5'5 tall for her age is is very thin and slender in build. Her skin is a white-blue color that is covered in scales that tend to glimmer in the sunlight. She has a thin face with a pointed chin as well as a pointed nose that adds to her feminine look. Her eyes are a light blue in color shining in the light much like her namesake and odd for her race. Unlike others of her race Aquamarine doesn't have a long extension of her head. Hers only goes back a little bit and has a birthmark on the left side that looks like the eye of a fish.

    Aquamarine does have long fins extending down from her elbows that tend to look more like fins. She is one of the members of her race that wears clothing. She tends to dress in a dark blue halter dress that has red spots going around the bottom edge. The back of her dress goes down to her knees ending right above the fins on her legs. The front of the dress is shorter with a slit going up her left leg. She chooses not to wear shoes over her small webbed feet.

    Personality: Aquamarine is an oddball in her family. Unlike them she is friendly, kind and shy. Only one to fight when she has to. She wants to be seen as her own self and not like the rest of her family. Due to this her relationship with them is strained. She is always put down by them leading to her self esteem being rather low at times, but despite that she tries to stay determined no matter how hard things get. Another thing about her is due to her family she has never had a friend and never felt love in her life. The feelings and concept are foreign to her and she has no understanding of them.

    Not knowing what friendship is has led to her being rather lonely, depressed and isolated. She wants to understand those feelings, those bonds but she feels like she can't and is not worthy of them. Aquamarine will try hard not to admit to anyone, including herself how much she longs for a friend.

    History: Aquamarine was born and raised in Zora community in Lake Hylia. The youngest child of eight kids she was often picked on and ridiculed by her family. She knew she was different and accepted it even in her parents and brothers didn't. Growing up she was always by herself, left at home alone during the day at times she was given many chores, cleaning, cooking, and other things like that. When she did go out she kept to herself always the odd one out. Her brothers always drove others away from her. Due to this she would go off on her own and find a quiet place, most of the time on land to practice hand to hand combat on the trees. She also decided to run trying to increase her stamina. It took her the longest time years of practice, of pushing herself to near her breaking point before she was able to run quicker than others of her kind.

    Aquamarine kept this to herself though, not wanting to give her family another reason to be more mean to her then they already were. Life continued as normal for her as she entered her teen years. She'd cook for her family, not be thanked for it. Then have some form of abuse hurled at her before they left for the day. After her chores she'd sneak away like always to practice her training before going home before her family returned. This was her routine every day until her fifteenth birthday. Things went as normal the first part of the day, until she got to her secret training spot. Waiting for her was a messenger from the royal palace there to inform her she had been summoned to the castle. Aquamarine didn't even think about her answer, she said yes right away and returned home to pack her things to leave.

    Password: Nayru

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