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    Name: Lusca Alec Maloii

    Nickname: None to mention

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Dorm: Suicune Dorm

    Appearance: *See Attachment*

    Personality: At first appearance, Lusca seems to be very reserved or hard to approach... Or, rather, that's what he thinks. In actuality, reputation or not, Lusca is actually not intimidating in the least bit, and is actually a rather friendly person.

    He is a bit of a bookworm in some aspects, but more times than not his studying consists of hands on approaches and research out in the fields. It's that reason alone that caused him to meet some of his teammates and friends at the Pokemon Academy.

    Seems like the only word he knows is "power", and if he's not going stir-crazy trying to obtain more of it, he's making his Pokemon do it for him. This isn't necessarily a BAD thing, but far be it from anyone around him to describe it as a GOOD thing either. It's okay because using that little shtick of his, he's risen to the top on numerous occasions.

    No, he's not your "Top 8 Semi-finalist" at the Sinnoh League Pokemon contest, but he has risen to the occasion in his academic and Pokemon studies; which is what prompted the Pokemon Academy to offer him a pass into their school.

    As far as his social life goes, Lusca doesn't mind keeping to himself; even though he's not the BEST company to keep. He loves having a friend or two, but he might not be the one that initiates conversation unless it's a pressing matter. He's simply shy in that respect but means no harm if he doesn't speak at first meet.

    Whatever company Lusca decides to actually keep, they seem to always understand that he's all about hard-work and dedication, although secretly he wishes SOMEONE could tear him away from his studies more times than nawt. All apart of that "lust for power" thing, I suppose...

    History: Lusca grew up in the slums of Saffron City, the central hub off all things Psychic. He wasn't actually IN the slums, no, more like the kind of thing where if you walk to school in the morning you're bound to walk through the bad end of the city ...that kind of thing.

    Lusca spent whatever free time he allotted himself at or in the slums, observing the Pokemon from a safe vantage point. The Pokemon in that area amused him, they intrigued him. They usually became the subject of most of Lusca's class projects.

    After a while, Lusca finally told himself he knew enough about all the Psychic-Type and Poison-Type Pokemon that roamed around in that area, so he decided to give himself his own hands-on lesson. After about a week, he'd become friends with a tiny Grimer, who he'd brought home to show his parents.

    His mother and father already disapproved of how often Lusca spent time in the slums, claiming it was ruining his study habits (how little they know). Grimer became the seal on the deal, with his parents allowing their son to keep him, so long as his grades don't falter and he takes care of the Pokemon himself.

    With that, he decided to name Grimer "Slick" and he'd kept it with him up until his 11th birthday (3 years). On that day it was decided that he'd become old enough to be sent out on his own and explore all the regions of the world... wait, WHAT?

    Yes, mother and father sent Lusca off around Kanto to "see the world" and "broaden his horizons". With a somewhat heartfelt goodbye, he was sent off to the Pokemon Trainer Academy ... and the rest, as they say, was history.



    Species Grimer

    Nickname Slick

    Personality: Slick is the brave one. Lusca might be too, but Slick has enough bravery for an entire community. Living in the slums of Saffron City did it to him, seeing as living there meant that you lived by "dog eat dog" and "kill or be killed". As a Grimer, he not only fought for food, he fought for his life most times.

    Suddenly though, one day his luck had turned around. Food was becoming WAY easier to find, and it somehow looked more fresh; not old and decaying like he'd been used to. What surprised him most was the location. Slick was still in the slums, sure, but the location of the food was put in places close to the outskirts, where people usually never dump garbage, especially not of that quality.

    Doing a little investigation of his own, Grimer soon found out who'd began placing his everyday meals. None other than Lusca himself. With a grateful hug, which Lusca almost mistook as an attack, Grimer thanked the stranger and followed him home too.

    Level: 23


    -Poison Jab
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Mud Bomb
    -Thunderbolt (but it can only be used after an Electric-Type move is used on him)


    Species: Abra

    Nickname: Lleba (Pronounced - Ell•bah)

    Personality: All this Abra does all day is sleep ;your typical textbook Psychic-Type. When he's awake however, Lleba exhibits amazing Psychic abilities. He was actually captured during Lusca's short journey, when he entered a cave with his then newly named Grimer and found the Abra sleeping. Without a fight, he was caught, and Lusca named him once he'd awoke.

    Level: 18


    -Ice Punch
    -Shadow Ball
    -Shock Wave
    -Energy Ball


    /Edited his personality a bit because I actually hated it... Hope it's still ok though .
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