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    note: after gym 6, the game drags on because I have to beat 2 galactic bases, go all the way though the snow (that's long and annoying), beat a long and intricate galactic base, then climb the tedeous mt. cornet and beat many double battles and palkia. after gym 8, though, things get a little better, but I hate elite four grinding.

    -beat gym 6!
    -climbed to the top of cancalave library
    -walked back down
    -flew to lake valor
    -beat galactic commander
    -flew to lake verity
    -beat guys here
    -beat galactic commander
    -flew to... the city before mt. cornet
    -shiny... OK fine not really.
    -went through mt. cornet
    -had a pain of a time on this one trainer. kept failing. heck, I just kept failing on trainers, period.
    -got to gym
    -tried to beat gym
    -bought hyper potions
    -uses savestates because wood hammer is an OHKO and avalance is if I hit abomasnow. also hail got annoying.

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