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Kyouki: The Lady of Temptation

"Is that pretty little soul for me? Oh, but darling, you didn't have to!"








Shadow Tag


A pair of silver kris daggers that she easily conceals under the large bow behind her back.


Appearance-wise, Kyouki lives up to the nickname given to her in her country. Standing at merely four feet eleven inches, she looks a lot like a porcelain doll. She has big, round, golden eyes that gleam strangely from time to time and are framed by thick, long, black eyelashes. A tiny nose and a tiny, pretty mouth add up nicely on her round face that ends in a small, pointy chin. Her skin is fair and soft and, when paired with her small, lean frame and her golden, gleaming eyes, she looks a lot like a ghost, or the spirit of a young maiden.

Her soft, purple hair falls in soft curls on her bare shoulders, a few locks permanently hiding her face, making it look smaller and the girl look extremely innocent and cute.

Kyouki prefers wearing elegant outfits, usually consisting of knee-lenght puffed dresses with a lot of frills and bows. A large bow, tied at the back of her dress, leaves behind a trail of sorts, complementing her outfits really well. Her dresses are usually sleeveless, consisting of a corset-like top piece and a puffed up bottom piece. Various ribbons are usually adjoined to the frills on her dresses. She seems to like thick vertical stripe patterns on the bottom half of her dresses and her corsets usually reveal a tiny hint of cleavage, just enough to keep people wondering without being vulgar. Her colours of choice for her outfits seem to be various shades of pinks and purples, neatly complemented by black frills and ribbons. The large bows tied at the back of her dresses are usually dark purple and reflect light in a pretty maner. She prefers silk, satin and lace.

She can most often be found wearing black, silk tights and either pink or purple pumps with heels high enough to make her look graceful without hurting her feet and ankles.

The Lady of Temptation loves accesories, but only those fitting to her outfits, Her arms are usually covered in really thin, soft, black lace gloves and her beautiful hair is always covered by a pretty headband made of satin that she holds together with a brooch in the shape of a bloomed, white rose. Around her neck, she wears a classy choker that usually comes with the dresses she loves wearing.

Her most favorite accesory, however, consists of a handful of purple, glowing flames that look like they're amde of silk that she pins at the end of the ribbons hanging from her dress, on the border of her lace gloves and on her headband, adjoined to the rose brooch. Make no mistake, despite looking like they're made of satin, the flames are very much real and the girl can control them freely, making them larger or smaller as she sees fit. The flames also act much like a defense mechanism against those that dare lay their hands on her. She can, however, make her flames do no harm to those she wishes to interact with.


Kyouki is much of a loner. She doesn't really have any friends, prefering the company of her flames over interacting with others. She's an introvert and, the only way she expresses her feelings is through the use of her flames, the gleams in her eyes and a few shy smiles.

Strangers may percieve her as innocent and timid, but that's all a trick that's well-known to the people in her country. She is evil in every sense of the word and takes joy in other people's pain, especially if she's the one to cause it. She can get a bit sadistic at times and, if anyone piques her interest enough, she will work all her magic to lure them away and toy with them and with their minds before ultimately sapping their life energy dry, leaving behind nothing but a shell of her victim.

She takes joy in mind games, but can get bored easily if her subjects don't seem to be in agony and she'll often get rid of them quickly or simply give up on playing around. She seldom lets anyone she targeted get away though and when she does, she usually resumes her chase and torment of said target later on, when they are more prone to reacting as she expects them to.

The Lady of Temptaion is an extremely good actress and managed to fool most everyone she encountered, even since she was nothing but a child. She's manipulative and she'll often work her way around conflicts, by having someone else do the dirty work for her.

Her ultimate goal is to find that one person that can put up with her mind games and tricks and keep her entertained long enough, that one person that would turn out to be a real challenge for her.

Despite being evil, Kyouki cares deeply about manners and she will often lose her temper when faced with those that have no manners in environments that require it. She is, in all sense, a lady and she prides herself with it.

Her flames are the most precious thing she has and she often tends to them and takes care of them as if they were babies. because of this, she hates anyone and anything that could cause her flames to extinguish. She particularly hates those from the Water, Ground and Rock Kingdoms and will do almost all in her power to defeat them in battle and, if they get on her nerves badly enough, to absorb all their life force.


Known as "The Lady of Temptation" across the Ghost Kingdom, Kyouki is the daughter of a really strong Chandelure Gijinka and a powerful Gengar Gijinka and she was born out of her parents' wicked love.

Even from a young age, she displayed huge profficiency in handling fire and showed immense ghost powers as well. Her wicked nature was also made obvious quite early in her infancy, when she sapped her entire kindergarden class dry of their life force when the son of a Banette Gijinka wouldn't let her use his purple crayons to finish a drawing. The incident was quickly covered up and classed as a rogue gijinka attack upon the school, thanks to the girl's parents' influence.

Kyouki's family was of noble origins. They were widely known and respected across the Ghost Kingdom, the girl's mother being the headmistress of the best Manners and Etiquette school in the country and her father being part of the Royal Family's personal Council and Guards.

Due to her noble origins, Kyouki had to grow up in a rigid environment, full of balls and fancy dinner parties, charity events and pretty much all the façade things the noble families did to look better in the eyes of eachother and everyone else across the Kingdom.

The girl was tutored by the best tutors her family could find (and afford) and she seemed to have an affinity for music and various musical instruments, so she soon started dedicating a lot of her time to that activity. Despite seemingly havng dropped her vile habits, Kyouki eventually learned to use music to achieve them.

She acquired the nickname "Lady of Temptation" at the young age of 10, when, during a recital at school, her music was so imbued with dark, ghastly energies within the girl's heart that it created a curtain of lovely music across the entire Kingdom and she used her music to Lure everyone to her and willingly give her their life energy. That evening, she sapped a lot of them dry and others were so affected that they were never able to recover. She has since been denied access to any musical instrument and, have it not been for the huge favors her father did to the Royal Family as part of his service, the girl would have been locked deep within the dungeons under the Royal Palace. She was instead locked away in a house by the sea, as close as possible from the border and no one was allowed access on the property the house was in, her parents visiting her every now and then, especially her mother, that brought her silk and lace and satin and everything the girl could wish for, except for musical instruments.

Seven years, the girl lived secluded in that huge mansion at the border of the Kingdom. She learned how to cook and how to make her own dresses, she worked on getting stronger and improving her powers, she eventually gained complete control over her abilities and got familiar with what she could do. She somehow managed to get into the posession of a few musical instruments and she kept secretly practicing her music, away from everyone's ears this time.

When she turned seventeen, the girl got word of the existence of the Unknown kingdom and, when he mother dropped by to visit her, she pleaded with her to talk to her father and express her desires to go to the Prince. Her mother wasn't too happy to hear about the girl's desires, but she couldn't say no to her beloved daughter, so she eventually gave in and did as she was asked.

When the Prince got word of the girl's wishes, he quickly gathered his Council and spent an entire month debating wether or not to send the girl away. Some were thinking that she was far too dangerous to be sent on such a journey while others kept saying that BECAUSE she is so dangerous, they should send her out. They eventually concluded that she was a liability wether she stayed or not and eventually unanimously voted to send her away, but only under certain conditions.

Kyouki was soon brought in front of the Prince and everyone in the towns and cities she travelled to in order to reach the Palace, were curious about "The Lady of Temptation" so they all followed the convoy that was escorting the girl for quite a long time, some sticking around all the way into the capital city. It was then that the girl found out why she had been kept secluded and it was that same day that she found out that she had both fans and haters in the crowd.

When she finally arrived at the Castle, the Prince demanded that he be left alone with the girl and, after looking her up and down for quite a while, trying to read her through her movements and actions, he eventually broke the silence and told her what the conditions were if she wanted to go. Should she not comply, she would be thrown into the dungeons this time, instead of being sent back in exile. The girl had to promise not to kill anyone, not to cause any troubles for the Ghost Kingdom and she was to write weekly reports and send them back to her country. She was to lay low and keep in touch with her Kingdom at all cost. And she was to return, hopefully less evil than she was when she left.


Energy Ball


Kyouki loves playing the piano as it's the only thing that helps tone down her vile impulses.

Due to having to tend for herself for seven years, she is more than capable of cooking for herself and making her own clothing.

One of the girl's most guarded secrets is that she wishes to find someone to help tone down her evil nature, the same way her parents found eachother and managed to keep eachother in balance through their love.

When she unleashes her dark energy during a fight that rquires her to make use of her kris daggers, the silver blades shine a dark purple hue and flame-like reflections can be seen along them.


Bad Romance

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