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    Name: Kassi Bunkatsu
    Nickname: Kas
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female

    Appearance: Kassi is somewhat tall, nearing six feet, though she seems taller as she always wears geta sandals. This matches her kimono, which is a soft pale blue lined with gray-white and form-fitting with her black corset. She has pale skin, somewhat slanted eyes that always glow a bright emerald green, and shiny jet black hair in which she parts the bangs and lets it fall naturally straight, covering her ears. She wears very faint and modest makeup, mainly blush and eyeliner to suit her medium-length lashes and finely-plucked brows. She has a medium, slightly thin body type and build, though she notably has some muscle that's generally only seen when in use. She looks rather reserved and shy, which is generally true, though she tends to also show a very kind heart and if she feels close to someone she could talk for hours on end.

    Bio: Kassi was born in a small but well-known town in Kanto, with some less than caring parents, but a very compassionate older brother, who took care of her when their parents didn't. They got along well, he taught her many skills as well as life lessons, pretty much everything she could possibly have wanted to know. Of course, he had very optimistic goals, and she followed suit, looking up to him in a way most people may never understand. Even in circumstances, very important circumstances, he never showed her anything but brotherly love. She couldn't say one bad thing about him, at least that was how she felt about him. The both of them were seen as fairly strange to others, but they didn't care. Kassi followed her brother all through Kanto, and even through some of Johto. And then, they saw this flyer, and then... And then.....

    ..... She can't remember what happened next.....

    ..... She remembers waking in a hospital bed, among numerous other people. She asked what happened, but both the nurses and the other patients seemed as confused as she was. All she had left was Spirit, her Froslass. With no sign of her brother anywhere, she decided that she would continue on her own ambitions and goals. She knew her parents would not approve of her life choices, but she knew not to worry about their opinions. She quickly set her goals: "become stronger with my friends, find my brother, and challenge him to a battle."

    With this in mind, she continued on to Johto, where she'd make one more friend, a Ditto whom she named Shifty. One day, however, she heard a voice, an odd one she didn't quite recognize. It told her to follow her destiny, and everything would fall into place. She then received an egg, one she felt held vital importance. The voice that spoke to her was beautiful, soft, and calming, but she urged its warning and promised to take good care of the egg. A Ralts soon hatched, one she named Chi. One year passed from this point (give or take) and she learned of Earth and Sky, and Lethia. Immediately she was excited and intrigued, and signed herself up. She had trained before with her brother, and he taught her everything. It was not difficult for her to gain entry, and from there, a huge new adventure awaited.

    Name: Spirit
    Species: Froslass
    Sex: Female
    Move Set: Ice Beam, Blizzard, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball

    Name: Chi
    Species: Ralts
    Sex: Male
    Moves: Heal Pulse, Misty Terrain, Psychic

    Name: Shifty
    Species: Ditto
    Sex: -
    Moves: Transform

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