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Bella's Shiny Platinum Adventure
I'm officially playing through Sun at the moment; however, I've popped Platinum onto my phone and am playing on an Android emulator when I'm bored and not at home.

I will be taking advantage of the fact that I'm running it on an emulator and using a shiny encounter hack (all wild encounters are shinies - because, why not?), but otherwise will be playing through the game normally.

I might consider not letting Piplup evolve and keeping him with me until the very end. He's too cute ♥

Update Log

• Chose Piplup as my starter pokemon (the cutest, obviously..).
• Caught Shinx on route 201 to Sandgem Town.
• Caught Starly on route 202.
• Defeated my rival on route 203; however, this was actually a pretty close battle! His Turtwig spammed Withdraw which made knocking off his HP pretty tedious.

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