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Originally Posted by frostweaver

*personally thinks this thread isn't that useful at all...

first of all if they're your true friends, they will know where they stand in your heart. And certainly there's no need for words to tell them "I like you because" as true friends' relationships between them will speak more clearly and better than any adjectives can. Even if words are to be used to describe friendship and friends, they are rather useless unless they come from your heart and soul by itself, instead of thinking about them first and conjure up words to describe it. It should up by itself, from itself.*

*... is probably not making sense at all...*
Haha, wow that was the exact reason why I thought the thread topic was a little odd. I mean, I like my friends because they're my friends, its really tough to describe into words, sorry.
Originally Posted by Yamichu
No one wants to be mine friend so what would I know?
I just chated to Tig today tho and that was fun...Tig's my friend!!!!!!!!
I wish I had some more friends...

~NORP! (somthing we made up)
I thought I was your friend, lol.
We just never got to chat.. much at all.

Am I back? My search continues.
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