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    Final Update

    So I finally got around to completing this challenge! Didn't have a lot of time for playing over the summer, especially once my study abroad started in August. Since my last update, I beat Platinum, X, and Sun. I don't really remember much of the details about Platinum and X since I beat them months ago, and same goes for 75% of Sun. The last part of Sun took a lot of grinding which is what I finally got around to doing the last few weeks. Had a lot of fun doing this challenge, even if it took me forever. If I do another solo challenge in the future, I'll definitely be using a pokemon with better stats. The amount of times I got OHKO'd by an Earthquake from pokemon 20+ levels weaker was ridiculous.

    Final Platinum Stats

    Yunachu, Level 81 (Modest)
    Thunder | Brick Break | Grass Knot | Double Team

    Final X Stats

    Yunachu, Level 87 (Modest)
    Brick Break | Double Team | Thunderbolt | Dig

    Final Sun Stats

    Yunachu, Level 87 (Modest)
    Thunderbolt | Double Team | Grass Knot | Brick Break


    Ultimate Solo Challenge Progress

    Yellow: 8/8 (Complete!)
    SoulSilver: 16/16 (Complete!)
    A. Sapphire: 8/8 (Complete!)
    Platinum: 8/8 (Complete!)
    White: 8/8 (Complete!)
    X: 8/8 (Complete!)
    Sun: 7/7 (Complete!)

    Latest Update
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