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Name: Chiara Dollart
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hometown: Lavaridge Town

Appearance: Chiara reaches all the way to 168 cm, a quite respectable height for a young girl. She is skinny and pale, with plenty of freckles (unlike the gifs, whoops) and long golden blonde hair, purposefully tinted with pink at the ends. Her face is always full of expression; she's very bad at hiding her emotions. She tries to stay fresh-looking and uses eye-make up daily, but realizes it might become a bit of a challenge on the journey. At least she's lucky to have untroubled skin (so far).

She has no piercings (her parents have forbidden her before she turns 18... but she plans on getting them!) but she has several favorite lockets and necklaces which she intends to bring with her on the journey. For clothing, she wears white sneakers, usually bare legs under a skirt and blouse, or her favorite attire on the journey: laced short jeans trousers over a white fluffy blouse with short sleeves, and a pink thin scarf around her neck. Over this, she wears a short light-brown leather jacket if necessary. Her pokéballs, pokédex and pokénav can all fit in the pockets of the laced trousers, while she carries a dark-brown shoulder bag for everything else.

History: Born in Lavaridge Town from a long time native family line, Chiara was proud of her Hoenn heritage for a long time, until she grew up a bit and started dreaming of moving to a bigger city and seeing the more modern, fast-paced world. One noteworthy thing happening as she grew up, was that her aunt Courtney showed up one day a few years ago and tried to get her parents to join a new organization she was now part of. She said it was called Team Magma. Her parents refused, of course, thinking it sounded real shady. Chiara hasn't seen Courtney since.

She has two younger brothers, twins 10 years old now. They both are energetic monsters, according to her, and have no realistic grasp of the world at all. She loves them, though. Her mother works at the Lavaridge Spa, and her dad is a postman for the area around Lavaridge Town.

Personality: She's generally strong willed, to the point she's rash at times. Along with this comes her being easily distracted, but she can get lost in thoughts and forget what's going on around her due to her inner worries. Can be a bit selfish; doesn't always see why she should compromise to make things better for others if it makes things worse for herself. She's rather easy to antagonize or put down with harsh words or challenges, as she wears her emotions on the outside, pretty much. All these things mostly come from her still being an immature child in many ways.

She has quite good skills too though - her memory is great, and she is a quite talented artist with pencils and with water color in particular, dreaming of putting her art up in Lilycove's art gallery before she decided to try her luck at becoming a battler. Also, growing up in Lavaridge, she's decently in tune with nature and respects her surroundings. She can make up a fire and make shelters on her own, she can navigate risky slopes on mountains, and she doesn't at all mind sleeping under the stars (as long as she knows that she'll be able to have a shower the next day).

"Battle Beyond" Starter: Vulpix (Kantonian), male