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Name: Mauve Banzett
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hometown: Petalburg City

Appearance: His eyes are close to beady pupils with no irises, but his eye color is amber. His mouth is normally in a grin, but it's usually shaped that way. He doesn't normally frown unless he's especially down. His hair is dirty-blonde colored, and his skin is a healthy, slightly tanned white. It's really difficult to tell, but he's definitely not pale. He lives in Hoenn, a very tropical land.

He wears a purple shirt with a yellow logo, and yellow writing on the left sleeve. he wears a beaded necklace for now, black cargo pants with zippers just under his knees that he can unzip, and pocket to make them into shorts. His sneakers are black and yellow.

History: Mauve Banzett was actually orphaned, and left on the doorstep of his aunt and uncle, who work at the Devon Corporation. Despite the sudden arrival of the infant, both of them had raised Mauve with more love than a child could ask for.

His guardians would allow him to play outside with the other children, as his aunt decided to stay at home to help raise Mauve while her husband worked more. Sometimes, Mauve would sneak out with the other kids, and venture out into the local forest. Sometimes, his uncle would have to give him five fingered discipline when he found Mauve and the other kids out so late.

Still, even as a troublemaker, Mauve was a good kid. He was fairly laid back, and never got into a fight with anyone.

However, he'd occasionally sneak out alone, just to feel the tranquility of the forest, and sit under the pale moonlight.

Personality: Mauve has, and always will be, a clown. But, he's mostly laid back, and doesn't like to get involved with major disputes or pick fights with anyone. He too, had a bully in his childhood. However, he had tricked the bully into stealing from the local pokemart, ending with his mother dragging him off.

Mauve isn't good with direct confrontation, and prefers to dance around any issue. Thus, he's a bigger fan of taking any decent shortcuts, and ones that will less likely end in disaster. He has never strayed from trying to interact with Pokemon, and mostly interacted with any that the other kids met, or when he strolled out at night in Rustboro forest.

"Battle Beyond" Starter
Species: Magby
Gender: Male
Nature: Quiet
Personality/Characteristic: Thoroughly cunning.