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Well, that took longer than I thought. Here's mine, and tell me if there's anything needing revision.
Name: Reanne
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Relatively short in height and slim postured. A red beret nests upon her blond hair that forms a long braid, hanging from the back and extends to her front. The uncovering bangs are placed in between the forehead, revealing her ebon gaze. The garment she dons comprise of a red short-sleeved shirt checkered with folded appendages and intersecting black linings along with a green bag twining across the shoulders downwards, covering the grey undershirt worn below. A grey skirt wraps around her waist and runs down just above the knee, along with black knee-length shorts beneath and a pair of red sneakers to suit her soles.
Origin: Unova
Relaxed, gentle, and amiable, Reanne appears as a carefree, pessimistic individual who maintains a somewhat contradicting upbeat outlook. Best described as a whimsical airhead, mainly due to her quirky way of dealing with things for granted, saying things that are often out of place, and seemingly ample unawareness that somehow gives her unpararelled bravery. Her cloudy mind challenges her direction senses -- without anyone to guide her, getting lost is the least surprising thing to happen, to the point where she lazes by at a spot just to feel the breeze. Notwithstanding her eccentricies, Reanne is deceptively competent despite what her outward appearance might suggest. She tends to think first before taking things into account, preferring a more careful approach compared to risky, upfront actions. Though, considering her facetious nature, not everything she thought will actually work in her favor, and if thinking for too long, she is likely to have forgotten what she is doing. Even so, Reanne isn't very hard to convince, or manipulate to a certain extent. However, should the situation demands her to, there are chances that she can't keep her faade forever..
Prior to her eventual arrival in Ignea, living a quaint and solitude life in a peaceful part of the world is a bliss by default. That was what Reanne has always thought, herself seeing a translucent view of her homeland, inside a chalet she inherited inbetween the smaller ones, housing her for a long time in an uncharted mountainous part of Unova. Though rural in population, kindred folks inhabited the town she resided alongside with occasional wild Pokmon that came from the mountain side. To exchange greetings and spreading the wildest stories across the world, she never had the thought of leaving the town for once.

Recently, Reanne assumed the title "Pokmon Trainer" in honor of following the footsteps of her father, who taught her everything about what it takes to become one before stepping a journey, never returning. What became of him is beyond her knowing, but the thought of crossing path with him entices her a lot. She could start from anywhere, to visit many places, fill out her adventure's log, if only indecisiveness didn't effectively stall her from beginning her own story due to the massive amount of things she could do. The choice was there, but the freedom didn't help her cause, where she almost gave up because she couldn't decide a thing.

Day and night kept on oscillating, up until one day, a rumor began to circulate among the mouths of the many, most of them shrugging it as a likely story made up for dummies. When one of her closest friends told Reanne of it, she was initially skeptical. A region that can grant her wishes? That wasn't something she'd hear everyday, even if somebody has to go that far to make it known, and for what purpose? Chuckles and sarcasm fill the atmosphere for a moment, but to their surprise, she decided that she will go there to ascertain its credibility and see if she is doing it right. Though they were against the idea, they knew that holding her would send her back into the square one. Rather, they told her to promise that she will return in one piece, no matter if it turns out to be a hoax. The affirming voices she heard raised her confidence -- at least when she didn't realize they meant that she won't go that far. Despite so, it was only a matter of time before they opened the destination for herself and those who are interested with the same cause, in many different parts of the world.

After she said her goodbyes to the hometown she lived in until the last day she got to see them, one of them guided her way down as she caught by the bus stop to soon after. With a step inside the sliding door, whatever comes forth, she will find out by herself.


Name: Cavis
Species: Braviary
Gender: Male
Move Set:
Wing Attack

Name: Shimmer
Species: Musharna
Gender: Male
Strength/Weakness: Reanne's main Pokmon. He always keeps his emotion in check and is decisively prepared to face every possible onsets.
Move Set:
Shadow Ball
Dream Eater

Name: Viol
Species: Emolga
Gender: Female
Move Set:
Volt Switch
Air Slash
Double Team

Name: Gwyneth
Species: Alomomola
Gender: Female
Move Set:
Aqua Jet
Wide Guard
VPP: Darmanitan @ Level 100: 3,132

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