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Heya! I'll be applying for a Duo Character! That is, two characters working as a duet. To make it clear which pokemon belongs to which trainer, I'll be separating them into two spoilers. Looking forward to an adventure with twists, turns and teeth~!


Name: Rose Maple
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Origin: Unova

Strengths: Rose is generally a rather relaxed, observant and thoughtful individual with her feet firmly rooted on the ground. Practical and reliable, she does not shy away from hard work and is the first to step out of her comfort zone when a line is drawn with her. She enjoys battling and tends to either be honest or be quiet when something doesn't agree with her. She is a good leader, and rather independent at that. In spite of her attitude, she shares her sister's appreciation for fashion and is far from homely. Rose is also an aura adept, her powers manifesting themselves as ESP (Ability to sense presences, emotions and to an extent power) and occasional bursts of unnatural strength and dexterity.

Weaknesses: Rose tends to be stubborn and set in her convictions, rather feisty and objectionable at times as a result. Her tough girl attitude has at times earned her the reputation of being rather tomboyish, and not in a positive sense of the word. She is so rooted in the ground that she often struggles with the more absurd and cryptic parts of the world around her. It is often somewhat difficult to tell how she really feels, as she often withholds her thoughts when she isn't pleased with something or someone. She has trouble getting along with other bossy/leader types and is independent to a fault in that she has difficulty listening to others when they disagree with her actions or ideas. She is not trained to use her aura properly, and so she sometimes has difficulty understanding the things she sees or senses, sometimes to the point of her own ESP misleading her and not necessarily being able to tap into her strength when she really needs it. Rose is afraid of the dark and dark type pokemon, though her fear of dark type pokemon isn't as pronounced when they're owned by friendly trainers. She also doesn't deal well with being alone all that gracefully as a result of having been attached to Mary for so long.

Bio: Rose was born and raised in the Unova region to upper-middle-class parents and was quickly joined by her sister Mary about a year and a half later. The two of them grew up very close to each other, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. When they got along, they were fine. But when they fought as siblings are wont to do, they tended to take things very personally. As they grew up though, the fighting lessened in severity and Rose adopted a protective older sister mentality at times. The two of them shared some of their senses of humor and enjoyed playing with each other, painting each other's nails, gardening, and going to school together. Oddly enough, Rose tended to hang out with her sister instead of or in addition to other friends because of their closeness. This later extended to pokemon themselves, with both girls being familiar with and having occasionally commanded each other's pokemon. The family owned a snivy and a ralts as pets growing up, with the two pokemon acting as members of the family and later babysitters during their early years. These pokemon would also serve as their starters and evolve with them once they old enough to begin appreciating the idea of battling and giving commands. Leafy the snivy evolved as Rose began training her and again after Rose began accompanying her when she went out to hunt. Rose developed a competitive streak as she grew older, and desired to go out on her own pokemon journey to become stronger and meet a bunch of new people she could compete with! It was her dream to become a pokemon master.

Name: Leafy
Species: Serperior
Sex: Female
Move Set: Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, Mean Look, Dragon Pulse

Name: Shao
Species: Mienshao
Sex: Female
Move Set: Detect, Drain Punch, High Jump Kick, Knock Off

Name: Dahlia
Species: Honedge
Sex: Female
Move Set: Shadow Sneak, Sacred Sword, Swords Dance, Destiny Bond


Name: Mary Maple
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Origin: Unova

Strengths: Amiable and sweet, Mary is a sea of smiles and optimism on most days. She tends to see the best in others and tends to be an encouraging force in any party. Because of this, accompanied by her general good looks and easygoing, helpful disposition, and willingness to cooperate and listen to others, she tends to find it easy to get along with other people. Although she is reluctant to pick fights, she is actually a strong trainer who strives to fight in perfect sync with her pokemon, sometimes imitating their movements! She is adept at fae magic (Think: Fairy Tale Girls, the fairy type equivalent to psychics or hex maniacs), using the power of love and frills to empower herself and by extension her pokemon with uncanny staying power and stopping power, not unlike a magical girl!

Weaknesses: Not unlike a Fairy Tale Girl, her head is a bit in the clouds and she almost seems to live in a different world at times. This makes her a bit clumsy compared to her older sister, often chalked up to her carefree nature. She isn't likely to prepare for an upcoming danger unless she gets the chance She has a tendency to kill tension with her light-heartedness and embarrass others if they try to take themselves too seriously around her. She is rather emotionally sensitive, and there isn't much ground between her cheery normal self and being distraught or wanting to beat someone up--with the former much more common than the latter. Her glamorous, magical-girl esque abilities mean that she tends to be a little bit inconsistent in battle, rarely trying her hardest unless pressured to, even if that means losing a battle. Mary has a strong fear of being alone, though her pokemon are usually enough to ward off those fears for short periods of time. She is also afraid of many, but not all, poison type pokemon.

Bio: Relative to Rose, Mary grew close to the family's pet ralts and they evolved together as Mary formed a stronger emotional bond with it. Unlike Rose, she chose not to battle and instead usually tagged along just to watch the other and make sure that Rose would be okay. In contrast, she tended to lead Rose along when it came time to making friends or trying new things. When Rose adopted an older sister mentality, Mary refused to play along and instead developed a protective older sister personality of her own, refusing to acknowledge that she was, in fact, the younger of the two of them. This lead to many people confusing them for twins. She came to Rose's and Leafy's rescues on multiple occasions when they found themselves overwhelmed or caught off guard, generally the only instances where she actually battled without being pushed into it. When it came time for Rose to leave and go on a pokemon journey, their parents weren't entirely supportive of the idea preferring that they stay at home and away from danger. However, to Rose's surprise, Leafy decided to join her on her journey. However, she had one condition. They had to explore somewhere far away from home, where she could explore distant lands and meet lots of new friends and pokemon she'd never heard of! Seeing the appeal in the compromise, Rose agreed.

Name: Peach
Species: Gardevoir
Sex: Female
Move Set: Stored Power, Moonblast, Calm Mind, Healing Wish

Name: Venessa
Species: Mawile
Sex: Female
Move Set: Stockpile, Swallow, Play Rough, Sucker Punch

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~