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First PC post and my SU form. It's been a minute since I've been apart of a RP.

Name: Toru Moreu
Age: 22
Sex: Male

Appearance: Comparing his complexion to one of a shut in would not be an unfair comparison. Toru carries a skin tone barely dark enough to be considered a step above "pale". Standing around six feet tall, his height is the biggest thing about him. At first glance one might be tempted to poke fun at his skin and bone structure, however, growing up on the Johto countryside has crafted a more than in shape young man. Toru's hair is something of a creature on it's own. When left undone, a thick curl of dark brown hair trails down to just above his shoulders. He tends to keep it up in a bun to avoid the hassle. Deep blue eyes, an extended nose, a faint stubble masking his jawline, all make up Toru's facial features. Overall, Toru is easily distinguished by two ruby red earrings dangling down from his lobes. His favorite outfit consists of a pair of tan leather boots, lead up by black denim pants, finished with a selection of layers.(Typically a white shirt paired with his choice of flannel jacket.)

Origin: Ecruteak City, Johto
Strengths/Weaknesses: Toru is a man of few words. Usually not opening up to anyone he is not immediately close with. Not to be mistaken with being timid. One word could describe him in the most simple of terms. He's a thinker. With an unparalleled creative mind, Toru is light on his feet in terms of figuring out the solution to his problems. Allowing him to keep the edge when in battle. This, however, can simultaneously backfire in certain situations. Pondering the "what ifs" Toru has a tendency to zone out when completely entranced with his thoughts leaving him a sitting duck. Underneath the mysterious exterior, Toru can be as light-hearted as the next. Catch him making subtle jokes to make himself laugh as a sign that he's warming up to someone.

Not much seems to phase Toru. In most precarious spots he may find himself in, he manages to uphold a very calm demeanor. What rages through his head is another story. While he might appear to be calm and working through his next move, the fear of losing always weighs heavy. Although rare, his battle style can take an erratic turn if his emotions begin to boil.

Bio: Son of a Sage. Toru's father was one of the few gifted and entrusted with guarding Bell Tower in Ecruteak City. A deeply routed tradition in the Moreu family dictated that each son would be a successor to the Tower. As a child, this was the only life Toru knew. He spent his early years preparing, training, devoting his early days to the premeditated life laid before him. Most nights you could find young Toru scanning the sky for a rare sighting of the mythical Pokemon, Ho-oH.

At the age of ten, Toru was met with his very first partner. Fireworks filled Ecruteak City. Citizens filled the square with musical performances, delicious food stands one could die for, and occasional free spirited Pokemon battles. Toru's father guided him a long the festivities until they reached one building in particular, the local Dance Theater. A line piled up leading to a table with a handful of beautiful women standing behind it, they were meeting the various citizens that would watch them dance week after week. Bypassing this, the son and father approached a tall man holding a Pokeball. This Pokeball contained an Eevee. Toru's real training could finally begin.

Who is now a recognizable face across Johto, also comes in the form of a life-long friend for Toru. Morty, the Ecruteak Gym Leader. Meeting at one of the many festivals Ecruteak was known for, Morty and Toru spent days on end battling and pushing each other to become better trainers.

As Toru grew older, the restlessness that came with being confined to one city became overbearing. The training his father provided became stagnant and began to feel like a chore. As this became apparent to his father he began to push harder. The pressure was insurmountable. Wanderlust sank its teeth into Toru's heart as his sense of purpose began to dwindle. The family tradition he was meant to uphold no longer appealed to him.

Finally an opportunity appeared before Toru. During a meeting with Morty, he spoke of a new Region and all of it's lore. Entranced by the thought of finally leaving Johto, Toru began to prepare immediately.



Espeon is Toru's oldest partner. She watches over him like a guardian angel. She accompanies him outside of her Pokeball most times.

-Morning Sun
-Calm Mind
-Dazzling Gleam


-Pain Split
-Will O Wisp
-Shadow Claw
-Sucker Punch


-High Jump Kick
-Psycho Cut
-Ice Punch


-Rock Slide
-Dragon Dance