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Rose, Lani, & Andrew - Aspertia City

With Caspain leading the way, Rosalind made her way to the bottom of steps that lead up to the Lookout. If Andrew were going to stop by anywhere before heading off on his journey she knew that this would be the place. Sure enough, just as she arrived, a familiar figure, and one she didn't recognize were making their way down the steep slope.

"Okay, now hold on!" Andrew laughed as Lani rushed ahead of him. "I can only move so fast!" Further up the steps, Ryan was trudging down as fast as his legs could carry his chunky body.

"Aw, come on now! Are ya tryin' to tell me that ya've done gotten that outta shape since the last time ya came to the ranch?" Lani questioned, glancing over her shoulder as she led Andrew down the steps. "We're gettin' ready to go on a Pokémon journey! Ya need to get yourself into better shape if your gonna go runnin' 'round all over the place!"

"Hey, I didn't say I was out of shape! I have short legs!" he protested as the two reached the bottom of the steps. Before he could continue, however, he noticed the person standing several feet away. "... Rose? Is that you?"

With an amused smile, Rose waved to her friend. "Hello Andrew. Getting some exercise in before such a long trip is quite a good idea." Caspian just turned around, embarrassed at the sight of such an unruly pair. "I don't believe that I've met your training partner."

"Ah, well, I wasn't exercising - but anyway, this is Lani! She's my cousin!" he beamed. "Lani, this is Rose, a friend from the Trainer School."

Lani looked the girl up and down, taking in her features carefully. "Is this one of your friends who's supposed to be goin' on this journey with us...?"

"Very pleased to make your acquaintance, Lani, and actually that is why I am here." Grinning as she did, Rose scooped up Caspian into her arms, as if to place further emphasis on her next words. "After much discussion with my parents, they have allowed us to accompany you on your travels across the region."

Andrew's jaw dropped. Ryan came bounding up behind him as he spoke. "Are you... serious? You convinced your parents into letting you go with me? How on Earth did you manage that?"

Ryan looked out from behind Andrew's leg, looking up at Caspian and at Diana, who was circled around Rose's feet. He felt immediately weary at both of them, since Caspian looked positively disgusted at the sight of all of them, and Purrloin were always sneaky and devious. He frowned the best he could, but his squishy Bidoof face looked more uncomfortable than anything else.

"It took quite the conversation, but after much deliberation they decided that since I am now technically an adult that I should be able to make some of my own decisions." Rose pulled out her phone and scrolled to her texts with Padha, turning it around for Andrew to see. "I hope you don't mind, but I also took the liberty of inviting Padha along and it seems that she will also be joining us on this journey."

Lani smiled brightly, her excitement growing even more than it had before. Back on the ranch, the girl had never really had the chance to interact much with other girls her own age. As a result, the shorter girl suddenly had a fascination to getting to know everything she could about Andrew's friend.

"Your name's Rose? That's a purtty name! What's your favorite color? What's your favorite Pokémon? How long have ya known Andrew? Are ya'll close friends? He ain't never mentioned ya to me at all! Got any funny stories 'bout him that Ah don't know about him?!" the girl rambled off.

Marble on the other hand, yawned quietly as she looked over at Rose's Pokémon. She wasn't sure what was the issue with Caspian, but the Purrloin looked somewhat friendly. The Mareep waved one of her stubby, little legs at the cat Pokémon, as if she was offering a small greeting to it.

Diana responded to the gesture with a wink, while Caspian glared at her. He couldn't believe that she would even acknowledge these country bumpkins. He thought lowly of the repulsive Purrloin, but even she must have some standards. He couldn't believe his luck. Not only would he have to deal with Andrew and his detestable Bidoof, but Little Ms. Backwoods and her sheep.

Smiling sheepishly at Lani's barrage of questions, Rose tried to pick through the ones that she could make out. "Thank you very much, my full name is Rosalind Welles. My favorite color would have to be a sky blue and my favorite pokemon would have to be Caspian here. He may seem a bit unfriendly, but I assure you that he is a compassionate soul." The Aron glared at Lani, making for quite the antithesis to his trainer's statements. "Andrew and I met when I first moved here to attend the Trainer School and yes I do consider him to be a very dear friend."

"Yeah, Rose is pretty cool. I'm still in shock that your parents actually let you do this!" he laughed. "You said that Padha is coming too? Do you know why? I'm surprised she got permission to go since she's not 17 yet."

Ryan walked up to Diana and looked at her quizzically. The Purrloin seemed to be rather tame and playful, but he was still on guard around her. He knew Purrloin weren't trustworthy, but he felt safe knowing that he didn't have anything on him that could be stolen.

"I've not the slightest idea. I extended the invitation to her since my parents thought that going on a journey alone with a male would be improper, but I did not know whether or not she would actually be able to set out with us. It seems like she's gotten the permission, however, and that is all that truly matters in the end, is it not?"

Andrew chuckled. "Your, uh, parents tend to forget about the whole gay thing, don't they?"

"Aw, Ah wouldn't worry too much 'bout it. Parents have a hard time understandin' anythin'. Trust me, a lot of 'em wouldn't even know a Mudbray from a Ponyta if it kicked 'em in the head," Lani chimed in, regardless of the fact that she didn't have a great deal of understanding in the situation regarding this Padha character.

"Well, regardless, I'm glad to have you both along," Andrew smiled. "Man, this is turning into a bigger group that I thought. Here I was thinking Ryan and I were gonna have to - hey, wait a minute, where is Ryan?"

Andrew looked around and spotted Ryan near Diana. As he approached her, the Purrloin swatted him on the snout, causing him to jump back in surprise which elicted an amused purr from her. Ryan jumped back in surprise and then growled at the Purrloin. Andrew quickly picked him up before things could get worse. "Ah... guess we're gonna have to work on that team dynamic, eh?"

"Ah yes, my apologies about Diana. She just joined the party and I've yet to had the chance to instill any manners in her," Rose apologized as she gave a stern look towards the Purrloin. Diana just grinned back up at her in response.

"Alright, since Padha is coming, we oughta wait here for her, yeah?" Andrew suggested. "I have to get the stuff from the picnic, so why don't you two chat for a bit and then I should be back by the time she arrives." Before anyone could protest, Andrew began climbing back up the stairs with the grumpy Ryan in tow.

"Well it seems that it'll be just the two of us for now." Rose gave a friendly smile towards the much shorter girl. "I actually have a few questions of my own that I'd like to ask you."

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