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Part 1: An Introduction

Before you start messing around with battle backgrounds, it's best to understand the minimum about how they work first. If you already know your way around battle backgrounds, skip this first section, it's aimed at people who are totally new to this area!

Basic things to know:
  • A battle background consists of 14 rows of 30 8x8 tiles.
  • The top 10 rows slide in to the right and the bottom 4 slide in to the left - something to keep in mind when designing your bg.
Let's have a look inside the standard "tall grass" battle background's folder for an example of the files used. Find it in “pokeemerald\graphics\battle_terrain”.

We've got the following:
  • anim_map.bin - the tilemap for the animation.
  • anim_tiles.png - the tileset for the animation.
  • map.bin - the tilemap for the battle background.
  • tiles.png - the tileset for the battle background.
  • palette.pal - the palette that all of the above uses.
(Don't worry if your folder looks different with more files! I ran a "make clean" to take this screenshot purely for tutorial purposes. The other files are generated upon building, so you're fine.)