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Part 2: Replacing the Tileset and Palette

Let's say we want to replace the standard tall grass battle background. To get started, you'll need the tileset you want to use for your own new battle background; indexed to 16 colours, in .png format and having dimensions of 128x128. If you don't know how to index an image click here. I'll be using this bg mockup I (very quickly) threw together shown below. Rename yours “tiles” and replace the original “tiles.png” in the folder of the battle background you want to replace - in this case “pokeemerald\graphics\battle_terrain\tall_grass”.

The palette for battle backgrounds contains more than just 16 colours, which can be a bit confusing to work with if you haven't come across it before. Open GraphicsGale, and create a new file. Size specifications don't matter, but choose "8bit(256colors)". Click the little arrow underneath the palette, which will be all black apart from some random colours on the top and bottom rows. Click "Remove Unused Colors", "OK" upon prompt, and then your palette will be filled with black aside from the first (which will now be white). Hit that little arrow again, "Load Palette", select “palette.pal” and you'll see something resembling this:

Click "All". Now you're going to want to load another palette - this time from your new “tiles.png”. You should see something like this:

Click & drag your mouse along that 16-colour row on the left side, then click on the top row of the right side to copy those colours over.

The top two rows of colours on the left and right sides should now match as shown above. Hit "OK", and then save your new palette over the top of the old one in the “tall_grass” folder. Sorted!