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Part 3: The Tilemap

So now that we've got our tileset and palette ready, onto making the tilemap! Personally, I do all my tilemaps for battle backgrounds in HxD and will continue to because I'm a weird person who actually enjoys hex editing (therapeutic? nah? just me?) and I like the precision, however I know the vast majority of people are not going to want to do that, not in a million years haha. Thus, I set off on a search for a reliable tilemap creator to use for this tutorial. The best one I've found is esperance's Tilemap Creator. Make sure you have the latest version! And please, for the sake of your sanity, stay away from NTME.

First, open your tileset (I've attached some of the next images in spoilers because of their size).

Next, open the tilemap ("map.bin"). The size specifications should be set to 32x64.

From this point forward, you're now free to assemble your tilemap(right) using the tiles from your tileset(left). Since in my example tileset all I did was add an extra tile for shading and changed the palette, I barely have any work to do in this instance but depending on how different your tileset is to the original image, you might have lots to do. You'll notice that there are two different pictures on the right-hand side: the one on the top, in this case with the platforms, shows the parts that slide in. The bottom picture is what will appear when the battle background is first loaded, before the parts which slide in.

The image I've attached in the below spoiler shows the palette view. The red 2 represents the default palette (the one we added earlier containing the orange colours).

When you're satisfied with how everything looks, highlight the "Tilemap" drop-down and hit "Save". Do not save your tileset, as it may result in an invalid .png signature error when you try to build.

Compile, test in-game, and you should be all done!