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Posted April 10th, 2022
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Part 4: Extra Palette Trick

If you're careful with your colour/tile placement you can actually have up to 32 colours in your battle background instead of 16, by making use of two 16 colour palettes.

Recall an earlier part of this guide where I mentioned that the battle background palettes use more than 16 colours. When we were adding in our new palette, we only replaced the first 16/top row. This red part I've outlined can also be used in your battle background.

Purely for example purposes I've changed some of the colours in the second row to pink. Don't be tempted to use the third row of the palette! It's used for the sliding-in animation, and battle background tiles using this part of the palette won't quite work correctly in-game (e.g. unaffected by certain flash/move effects). Let's open the .bin file in TileMap Creator again and use the palette view option (screenshot in a spoiler due to size).

Using the grey 3 instead of the red 2 tiles will cause the second set of 16 colours to be used where you've placed them. All that's left to do now is compile and test <3

*Note: for Multi Battle mode, there is an extra step that BLourenco pointed out here.