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In this game dev thing i'm kind a Pixel Artist so I tried to dig some stuffs in my PC and show some new things here (accepting criticism and tips). There are not free to use sprites, all these are made for specifics game, hope you enjoy!

Actually is called "Anti-Chaos" a original type of evolution by clothes from my last fan game (Yes, paroding Kill la Kill) and the most of them are references.

Trainer Edits (Pokémon Lenalee's Desire)
Self explanatory... I guess.

Fire-Type Leader - Marth

Elite 4 - Kenji

Elite 4 - Johan

Elite 4 - Wagner

Trainer Sprites (Pokémon New Lands)
This game region is entirely based on early Brazil's stage with an indigenous point of view so the character's clothes can be revealing some times due to it's original base. OBS: I used Kalorian's trainer bases for all those sprites.

this image contains mild nudity!

Player (if Boy)

Player (if Girl)

Deserter (Trainer Class)

Amazoness (Trainer Class)

Fakemons New!
From the same game of the anterior trainers.


Jumpabbit - Grass

Jumpallot - Grass/Fighting

Bravallot - Grass/Fighting

Raji - Fire

Stoctopus - Water

No name yet - Water/Rock

No name yet - Fire

No name yet - Fire/Ghost

Non-Pokémon related sprites
Monsters from a old original game I tried to make. They can be pretty scary and even disturbing sometimes, be warned.

Shadow Aria

The Awakened

Chaos Spirit

Ghost Flower

The Hanged Man

Wings of Rebellion


The Truth

That's it for now!