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    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Post
    EV train it at Flocessy Ranch for Attack (Patrat, Lillipup, Pidove and Riolu provide 1 Attack EV each; you have a 60% chance of running into one of them). For Speed, EV train by Surfing at the pond in Route 19; the Basculin there provide 2 Speed EVs each. But first, I'd recommend battling a high level Audino to level Gible up to an acceptable level for battling. (send Gible in first, preferably holding the Lucky Egg, then switch to something else that can take Audino). While you're doing the EV training, I'd recommend giving Gible the Power Bracer, then the Power Anklet (or vice-versa; make sure that while you EV train for Attack, use the Bracer and for Speed, use the Anklet).

    If two Pokemon participate in the same battle, they still gain EVs from that battle.
    No! If you train with audino, I will gain HP points! And you don't want that at least before attack and speed! give rare candys or let it in the day care to level 10 or something. It won't gain EV points there