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Originally Posted by ToriSora View Post
Tempted to buy the game now. Looks fun to me.
It is worth a go imo!

Kinda late but I got rather busy and did other projects too. At any rate, update!

Part Six: Sparks be flying
Or More theme parks


So we went the next day to the water park and got a bunch of cool people to join our group! I have a good feeling about this guy in particular...

His fish stopped jumping about after a while on land and went limp but he assured us he was just sleeping. Ninja girl was a bit sceptical but c'mon, anyone with that sort of hat must take good care of their Pokemon!

A new theme park! Man, these cities are way better than ours.

Stop looking like that and find me a fine construction worker for our region's new theme park. Everyone has one these days!

That's the spirit. And if you don't find anyone you can start building yourself with Magikarp guy!

Let's go for a trip to themepark land the second.

I don't know if they sell peanuts but they probably will

Everyone's in a rush to get there!

WOAH you're an ninja AND you have a cape

That's pretty cool

Shut up anti cape man.

Yeah you tell him

BTW mind letting us visit your theme park?


Oh boy fun and games I love fun and games


I sure hope that stands for something fun!

STOP Hold that pose

Man that's pretty cool

So uh, where's the roller coaster?

Is it behind that button?

Oh, thanks for pressing it, Pichu!

That's not a roller coaster. But it sure is shiny...


Why do you keep fighting us over theme parks? I thought it gets you revenue and all! >:[

Get revenge, Charmander!

Or other fire thing, as long as there's fire involved.

No shinx that's not fire what are you doing

Now the starly is farting >:[

Worst theme park ever.

Take it to a vet, anti cape guy! Sheesh!

You don't even have a hat.

Treecko is currently using Absorb to....absorb something from the monkey...


Jiggly and friends be laying down the law on Pichu the Button-pusher-er.

That'll teach it to zap us.

Guess another one... bites the dust.

Hey it wasn't that bad

Okay I guess it was a bad joke

No healing allowed shinx that's cheating what is with you and cheating?

That's better!

Someone should do something about this rogue sheep in this big city.

Wait, UFO beams? Is this the ride?

Oh, nope, just a regular UFO. Carry on with using your head, Eevee.

Victory over monkeys were had! This guy didn't let me make another pun though. =(


Oh wait that's bad.

I guess? Idk, but Shinx is trying to make a run for it!

And then turns around to try and hit us. Aww.


Where can I buy that cape?

Yay words of ego

With the power of ego, headbutts and overkill, Eevee wins.

Stupid UFOs, get your own Pokemon!

%%%s for all!

Not you though.

She was kind enough to give us some workers for our theme park, but I guess she didn't want to help herself, nor did anti-cape guy.

What's your problem

If you want the bathroom it's the second on the right.

What is your Treecko doing

No don't go to the sun treecko!!




A thing happened

Sun radiation? At least it wasn't mudkip radiation I guess.

Oh yeah, your treecko kinda got fat while you were gone.

I guess it's funny, yes, but it isn't nice to laugh at fat people.

See, he agrees. Then again you already look grumpy, whoever you are.

Yeah, see, this cape is just way too short.

Stop staring and go knit me a new cape.

You don't know how to knit? Well...what about constructing large theme parks? I'll have mine with ice and on fire


God get a shirt or something seriously

Stop looking it's rude

Start looking for slav-friends instead, okay?

More slaves next update!