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No and never will, I'm staying put. D/P/Pt are amazing games in my opinion. The new Pokemon introduced are wonderful, great designs and best of all unique! Puzzles like Candace's gym to give me a real challenge in the game and proving it wasn't just battling. Characters in this game were some of my favourites - Looker, I love how he's disguised as a boulder in Stark Mt., always found that bit hilarious. Barry as well, best rival ever who was introduced in the 4th Gen.

Then there's HGSS. GAMEFREAK, MOST AMAZING REMAKE EVER :D!!! Although I never played GSC, HGSS was my favourite game. The follow me feature, I adored how my close Pokemon could follow me around. The music was stunning as well, like the Champion and Red's theme along with the Kanto Gym Leader one.

I will not move away from the 4th Generation. It is a great generation and always will be xD.
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