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Posted November 4th, 2019
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As someone who has,for the most part, done this i recommend taking it a season or series at a time. I did all of kanto in one sitting along with orange league, then johto in a sitting a bit after that. I did start hoenn then but mostly stopped because i didnt have a means to watch it then, haha.

It was a few years later when i got a chance but then i did the remainder of hoenn and then sinnoh. or rather second half bc i did the first half while it was on hulu and, thankfully, the episodes were still fresh in my mind. Which is part of why i suggest a series at a time and stop in between series so you dont burn yourself in the middle of one (though it wasnt the case with me).

Granted, like people said depends on your dedication on watching every episode. For me i didnt have to watch best wishes and most of xyz because i did that while they were airing. Itll be different for you though.

Either way if you do it good luck!!