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    Originally Posted by Peeky Chew View Post

    This team is mainly Defensive and is only played in 4 OU (max) 2 UU/NU matches. The residual damage is pretty essential and I find most people aren't prepared for Whirl Wind and Roaring. I'd like to get rid of one OU so I can play in 3 OU 3 UU/NU matches, the most likely would be Gyrados since I find it so over used. The main problem for this team is Hipowdon, and most Swords Dancers so that needs fixed. Anyway, please rate and comment :)

    [email protected]
    252 HP/4 Atk/252 Def
    Stealth Rock
    Ice Beam
    Earth Quake
    Stealth Rock lead, I don't really mind what moves it has apart from Stealth Rock. Has a lot of trouble with Hippowdon leads but it always gets Stealth Rock off before being roared away.

    Surf doesn't grant you any additional coverage and Roar is excellent for Phazing out stuff/racking up SR damage/seeing more of his team.

    [email protected]
    252 HP / 64 Atk / 176 Def / 16 Spe
    Brave Bird
    Spikes Support and Phazer, can't really see any way in which this could be improved. When using this it's surprising how manytimes I can stay in on a fire type. Everyone expects me to switch so use another move, instead of switching I whirlwind them away.

    That spread works better, it'll allow you to beat standard CBTar the Atk EV's help to 2HKO some stuff like Gyarados after SR.

    [email protected]
    252 HP/252 Sp.def/6 Atk
    Taunt / Protect
    My main Special wall, it's my oldest Pokemon and I've perfected it's move set and Evs over countless battles. You might say Moon Light would do better on this set but I find that Sandstorm is too common to ignore. And since Wish heals on the second tur it can heal any damage Umbreon recieves in between. Out of all of the Pokemon this is my favourite and I will not replace it.

    k. But you'd want Protect to get recovery with Wish without taking a hit.

    [email protected]
    248 HP/224 SpD/36 Spe
    Heat Wave
    My second Specially defensive wall. As well as roar to get up that extra Stealth Rock/Spikes damage this is my Scizor check. Discharge is there over Tbolt for the Paralysis chance, which helps a lot.


    [email protected] Orb
    Adamant (I know that's bad)
    252 Atk/252 Spe/6 Hp (I really have no idea on any of it's Evs, but thy're close to this)
    Dragon Dance
    Ice Fang / Stone Edge
    The only one of my Pokemon which can comfortably revenge kill a +2 Lucario. It can come in on most things and KO but takes wuite a lot of prediction.

    EQ is essential to hit stuff like Metagross/Jirachi and something to smack around Electric-types. Adamant is much better then Serious since the power lets you net a few more OHKO's.

    [email protected]
    252 HP/144 Def/114 SpA
    Rapid Spin
    Earth Power
    Shadow Ball
    A Rapid Spin blocker is essential on this set and Claydol seems to be the best option, in UU. It can also Rapid Spin any of the opponents SR S TS out. Psychic is just for extra coverage.

    Claydol isn't a Ghost-type though o.e
    Anyways there's no use in having lots of residual damage without a spin-blocker, I can't honestly see what Zapdos is really doing so Rotom-A > Zapdos would work, preventing them from spinning away your hard-earned Spikes/SR. The STalker set can work

    Rotom-A @ Leftovers
    Nature : Bold
    EV : 252 HP / 176 Def / 80 SpD
    - Rest
    - Sleep Talk
    - Discharge
    - Will-O-Wisp

    You could also consider running Forretress > Skarmory and replacing Claydol with something like ScarfRachi to revenge-kill anything that gets out of hand and Trick it's Scarf to end late-game sweeps incase Swampert can't Phaze it.

    Good luck with this team.