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    "You needn't to worry, I think we'll do just fine." Reanne reassured, whereas the two girls had shared seat on Shimmer's back, with her waiting for Mary's turn to deliver an attack by sending out her own Pokémon to 'even the odds.' Post-haste, a white humanoid Pokémon levitated from above, concentrating a powerful psychic energy toward the Electivire Shimmer had attacked prior. And the consequence left it face-up, not moving an inch, eyes swirled, no can do about that really.

    "Wow! I sure have never seen a Pokémon this powerful and beautiful!" Reanne commented upon her performance in striking fear for those nearby the blast. But that wasn't enough for a certain round Pokémon racing through, rubble and dust carried upon the trail of the mountainside. If wasn't for the follow-up strike, Reanne could've missed sight of it. "Hang on tight!" With confidence, Reanne sternly warned for another command to intercept the Ball Pokémon. Shimmer raised his forelegs, lowering the back slightly to adjust a desirable surefire angle.

    "Here it goes!" But before Reanne could continue offense, the nearby wild Pokémon were outlined by a mysterious blue glow, including the Electrode that came rolling and leaping erratically, eventually stopping on its track midair. It was just as close as the topmost strand of Rose's disheveled hair, before being pulled away with a visible frown. Now that Reanne had seen it, she couldn't help but let out a giggle of Rose's newfound appearance━she must've had too much electricity to make her hair stand like that!

    "...But it's weird. Who could've done that?" Reanne questioned, later meeting eyes with a mysterious figure standing in between another two. The wrinkles on its pink skin are obvious signs of aging, but a Slowbro, with a shell taking hue of yellow rust? That was a peculiar feature to be found on a wild Pokémon that somehow, could speak like a human. First it's the white hair, now a different shell color? Aging is a bizarre thing to exist, I need to pry their secrets someday...! Reanne thought determinedly. The light pat from his Trainer prompted Shimmer to slowly propel forward, carrying the two girls slowly unburdened by weight, "Are you all okay?" She asked those who were able to hear her, "I guess that's the end to it. It's so short-lived that it didn't make me any more excited. Oh well, now should we keep going?" She nudged Mary lightly, who wasn't as obvious initially that her hair too, was alike to Rose's.

    The reverberating tumbling of rocks has fallen stagnant. The crackling electrics ceased to ionize the loose air. Some were able to hold off by their own, while some did suffer from slight harm caused during the skirmish. The assault they led heralded an evident conclusion, that the tribe wasn't strong enough to prevail over the select few of ragtag Trainers. Should one call this a victory? Or a fluke? That's up to their interpretation, for those who still lived in body and soul.

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