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Why is this thread so dead?! It should be undead, or walking or... *insert bad zombie pun here*

Yeah, season two was VERY dialogue heavy. It had a different vibe from season one, because it was all about the characters losing their humanity. And season three is about all the characters going crazy and everything going to ****. Oh, and the governor.


OMG this last episode was INTENSE! First of all, Rick is insane! I'm scared for his baby girl. And that whole phone thing was super creepy! When they said who they were, I freaked out a little. And I was really hoping that they had a safe haven and the group would be safe. (Although I guess that would make for a pretty crappy show!) I'm glad Michonne got away, and that she's FINALLY joined up with Rick. Although, when Marl found Glenn and Maggie, I was screaming at her to go save them. but I guess I understand since she ha d a bullet in her leg :(. Also, Andrea's an idiot, but what else is new? And the governor is still so scary! And YAY they found Carol! She was missing for longer than I expected her to be missing for, so I was starting to think they'd find her as a walker. Although I did call that it was her behind the door.

And lol, GO BACK. Oh Michonne, you prankster!
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