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Who is your favorite Normal-Type Gym Leader?

While I was honestly frustrated at Whitney's irritating personality, I found her to be my favourite out of all the normal-type gym leaders mainly because she was a challenge! I never really struggled with Norman and his Slaking was a piece of cake since it was hindered by its Truant ability. Whitney literally made me curse under my breath, her controversial Miltank isn't being overexaggerated. Its tough. It can easily withstand any of my attacks, heal back, get my Pokemon romantically attracted to a pink cow and then build up damage with Rollout along with flinching. God damn it. Overall its always a battle that I look forward to as I feel that it actually tests your skills as a trainer, rather than spamming that one super effective move.

As for the other gym leaders, I don't watch the anime so I don't know much about Lenora. I've faced her in-game and I love her love for books but overall she was a rather bland gym leader if you know what I mean. I didn't find her Pokemon particularly dangerous until they got a few Work Ups under their belt, but they were so frail and I just found it way too easy to defeat her. No struggle at all. I think she's personally my least favourite. Norman is okay, I found him challenging first time around but if you use the Protect strategy, its a really easy battle. At least in my opinion. If you don't know what the protect strategy is, it's basically trolling Slaking by protecting on its attacking turn and then attacking on its Truant turn. Really fun. :]

I also really want to see a normal-type Elite Four but I think Gamefreak would think of that as too easy, due to the fact that normal-types literally can't harm anything with their STAB moves. Yes they're diverse but I don't think they have the stats of other types needed to make a challenging Elite Four member. However I'd really be interested in seeing that happen soon, it would be pretty cool. :)
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