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I am so excited for this! I loved Blue and Crystal! I am holding my breath now that this means there may be a Kaizo Platinum in the future? If so I'd be over the moon that is one of my favorite of the pokemon games and your hacks are awesome the two together would be a dream come true!
I would certainly like to make a Pokemon Platinum Kaizo hack, as there are some underutilized strategies that could've fit with some bosses.

Unfortunately, editing movepools, wilds, and rematches for Emerald Kaizo took its time and toll on me. I don't have the free time anymore.

I wouldn't hold my breath, but once I have some time for hobbies, I might work on Platinum Kaizo. The issues really are the default movesets of 493 pokemon; by far my biggest issue to edit, making Team Galactic more space themed pokemon than generic bad guy mons, spreading out wild mons, some event Legendaries, playtesting moves of bosses, level curve, and virtually no map changes thankfully, and to Cynthia's credit, I have no idea how to improve her team; it is really that good.

Once I get some free time, I'll get started.
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