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Originally Posted by Jay_37040 View Post
North Dakota has only one abortion provider in the entire state. That means only women in that state with the means to travel have access to a safe abortion services provider. One, in an entire state. That state, effectively, is officially abortion-free as a result. The consequence of this is that women who cannot make the trip to that abortion provider must rely on other means to get an abortion, some of which are decidedly not safe, and could potentially be fatal to both the mother and the foetus. So while you are technically correct, practically you are not. Unless the situation in these low abortion provider states is rectified, shares in companies that make coat hangers will skyrocket.
But abortion is still legal in North Dakota, and there is still a legal abortion provider there. Nothing in North Dakota law requires there to only be one abortion provider. That's just a coincidence. Liberals want abortion to be legal, but they don't really want it to be safe or rare, since they oppose laws that would make it more safe and more rare.

Really, what's wrong with letting a woman see her baby before she decides to murder it? Even your computer asks your if you're sure before you delete and important file.
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